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While there will be many ideas, thoughts and insights that I will write here.  Just for now, I wanted to share this much (with permission) from Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s book “EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love”.   This is the basic EmoTrance protocol as Dr. Hartmann describes it:

 What is EmoTrance?

This energy healing modality, developed by Dr. Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn, was presented for the first time in 2002 in East Sussex, England.  EmoTrance is entirely and strictly focused on the movement of energy in, through and out the energy body.  It is “content free” in the best sense of the word and can be applied to just about anything that humans can think, worry or feel pain about.  This includes past resolution, forgiveness, bereavement, relationship issues, old wounds, burdens and pains, current instabilities, feelings “in the moment”, and all things future related, including goal setting, planning, self identity and so much more besides.

The basic EmoTrance emotion healing exercise:    

“Where do you feel this in your body?” Now, our attention is in the right place, and for the first time we can say and think the magic words, “This is only an energy.  As energy needs to flow, simply say “Soften and flow!” 

When we say “where do you feel it”, we mean as a pressure, pain or sensation like when someone is mad their head may pound or when someone is in a quandary about making a decision their stomach may hurt. That is the “feeling” that you are looking for; the feeling associated with the emotion that you are experiencing. 

Now, try this for yourself: 

  1. Call up an old emotion you know well and which you can feel in your body.
  2. Where do you feel this in your body? Show me with your hands.
  3. Place your hands, your healing hands and your attention there and consider where this energy needs to go.
  4. Think and say, “This is only an energy! Soften and flow!”
  5. Pay attention to where this energy needs to go. Breathe deeply, don’t over think this. Watch your hands as they move, they can often give a clue where the energy needs to go. If it feels painful, the energy needs to soften more. Massage the area with your healing hands as you think and say, “This is only an energy – soften and flow…”
  6. Once the energy starts to move, you need to find the exit point. If you lose track of the energy flow, remind yourself of the original area and the problem to re-start the energy flow and discover the pathway the energy needs to take to find its way out.
  7. Encourage yourself and the energy flow by breathing deeply, allowing natural body movements to assist you, using your healing hands of energy and also by saying to yourself when the energy starts to move, “That’s very good! Soften and flow!”
  8. When you have the pathway established, re-call the original experience and repeat moving the energy in, through and out, until it flows instantly and cleanly, and the original ’emotional pain’ is no more.
  9. Now encourage the energy to move faster and faster until you experience an exciting, electric, pleasurable, charging sensation which we call the energized end state.
  10. Take a moment to think back on the original experience and notice what new information and insights you have gained as a result of the EmoTrance process.

  If you would like to experience EmoTrance first-hand, you can contact me via email


I have found myself unconsciously saying “there’s not enough time” in the last few months and after a while I began to listen to the implications of that.   Shortly afterwards I began to receive messages about the impending earth changes and how it might affect my area.

They say that the Mayan calendar shows December 2012 to be the end of the “time”… meaning only that they had no reference of time after that date, not that the world would end as some have interpreted.   Intuitively knowing and also using common sense that this planet that we live on is undergoing massive shifts, I understood that there would be some devestation in my area at some point.  So, I started to look into that and received the message that my area would be hit by and earthquake resulting in flooding after April of 2013.  My sisters have received similiar visions.

In our visions we saw that the area North and West of us would be a safe place.  Given that our area (Dallas) fluctuates around 400-600 feet in elevation it would make sense to move to higher ground.  The land around Abilene is around 1700 feet in elevation.   My husband and I have been researching land options in that area.

About a month ago one of my sisters shared with me that the actual Mayan calendar ended in October of this year (2011), not December of 2012.   Hhhuuummm.   About 2 weeks ago one of my sisters sent this video to me: .  It’s quite interesting to watch.  Some of the information presented was old to me and some was new.  The video is a collection of prophecies and conversations.  While my intuition told me that some of the information presented was not true, I did align with the concept that time is speeding up and that information that was presented 10 years ago is no longer accurate.

I wanted to share this with you and get your opinion.  Please reply only if you have something of a positive nature to add.  Slamming is not appreciated or accepted.

Love and blessings.

March of 2009 I was lead to the EmoTrance website.  After surfing the mega information there I downloaded the free ebook “Introduction to EmoTrance” by Dr. Silvia Hartmann and so discovered the joy of EmoTrance.   It was just what I had been searching for.  I was so in love with it that I downloaded her other free e-book, ” The Enchanted World“.

I wanted to learn more!  I purchased the ebook versions of “Oceans of Energy“, “Living Energy” and “Energy Magic” because I didn’t want to wait for the post to deliver the paperbacks.  It took me only a week to read those 5 books because I was so engrossed in the simplicity and accuracy of this energy healing technique. Then I realized that something was missing.

The books were great.  They gave great instructions for using EmoTrance on yourself, but I still felt as though something was missing.  I searched the EmoTrance.Com website for a practitioner and was drawn to the profile and picture of Sandra Hillawi so I called and scheduled a private EmoTrance session by phone.  I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to work on, but after a short conversation Sandra dove right in and started to coach me to soften and flow. Within just a few minutes a problem that I didn’t even consciously realize was a problem had taken on new life.  Within another few minutes instead of feeling nothing in relation to this issue, I felt energized and hopeful.

This was fantastic!  And, I wanted to learn more, so I started searching right away for a live course.  That search lead me back to Sandra Hillawi because there were no active EmoTrance trainers here in the United States.   In October of 2009 Sandra Hillawi, Master Trainer of EmoTrance and Author of “The Love Clinic”, traveled to Texas USA to teach EmoTrance to me and about 9 other participants.

I was so thrilled with the luck of locating a Master Trainer who was willing to travel to us, and also not sure when the opportunity for training would present itself again that I signed up for the four days of training that takes you from Self-Help to Trainer.   The concept of transforming emotional energy in this way was so exciting. Those four days were a whirlwind of exercises, information and healing.   It was a very energizing seminar that I have never forgotten.

From that day my priority was to make other people aware of this fantastic healing tool and to change the direction and make it easier for those here in the United States to attend a seminar.  Through monthly workshops, meetups/healing circles, teleconferences, my radio show, setting up as a vendor at conferences and psychic fairs, speaking before other healing groups, advertisement and word of mouth, EmoTrance has grown here in Texas and the surrounding states.   Having trained 88 people through Self-Help courses and licensing 37 people as Practitioners or Advanced Practitioners, this September 2011 Self-Help and Practitioner workshop was the last one that I will facilitate here in Texas.

The reason that this workshop was the last one that I will facilitate in Texas is that in April of this year I was given permission to begin training trainers of EmoTrance.  I am excited to announce that since that time I have trained/licensed 4 trainers and have 6 other trainers in varying stages of the training that will be offering classes after November of 2011.   This will give me free time to focus more on advertisment, finishing my book on EmoTrance and Earth Medicine and to train more trainers that will be offering classes as well.  It is all so exciting!

Perhaps that explains why this September training was so near and dear to my heart.  Several people who had been inquiring about courses but could never seem to coordinate their schedules to attend before, were in attendance this time.  One of those attendees is a long time friend and spiritual sister who is a program director of veterans programs in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I am so excited at the possibility of EmoTrance being used to help returning soldiers in distress from the war.  Also, I was excited that one of Erickson’s fantastic trainers came to attend EmoTrance and has plans to become a Trainer of EmoTrance himself.  The possibilities are endless!

Also in attendance were two recently licensed trainers, 1 veteran trainer and 1 trainer who just renewed his license after a 2 year absence.  With that, those that were new to EmoTrance were fortunate to receive the valuable experience of 5 trainers during this course. WIth so much experience and personal attention in the room everything flowed so easily.

In October of 2011 I will be facilitating a Trainer’s Retreat where we will focus on how to build their practices.  There will be brainstorming of new and exciting ways to offer the EmoTrance workshops.  There will be a review of the Trainer’s training with more exercises to build their techniques.  Three of the attendees for the September Practitioner certification are scheduled to return in November to take their trainer’s training.

As a part of the curriculum, the seminar attendees took a journey to a local park area for the energy nurtition exercise.  It was a new and enlivening experience to use nature as the focus of the energy nurtition exercise.  In the past we used crystals, statues, ideaology, and visioning in the energy nutrition exercise.

While we were there enjoying the soft and relaxing energy of nature we accomplished some proxy work for one of the participants.  I am excited to share that discovery with you.  Beth Dodd and I often experiment with new places and new ways to use EmoTrance.  We found that when 2 or more people proxy 1 person at the same time that the energy moves much faster, smoother and effective.   During this proxy exercise there were 8 people participating in proxying varying levels of the same issue on a woman who had given her baby up for adoption over 50 years ago.  It was so exciting.  The participants really enjoyed the work, too.

The pictures from the September EmoTrance Self-Help and Practitioner Seminar are available on Photobucket at

With the new trainers now offering multiple course options I look forward to the expedicious advancement of EmoTrance in Texas and the United States.   So, please watch for the advertisements on Its-About-Energy.Com and EmoTrance.Com.    Perhaps you will attend a course soon.