Sharing the Gift

While there will be many ideas, thoughts and insights that I will write here.  Just for now, I wanted to share this much (with permission) from Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s book “EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love”.   This is the basic EmoTrance protocol as Dr. Hartmann describes it:

 What is EmoTrance?

This energy healing modality, developed by Dr. Silvia Hartmann and Nicola Quinn, was presented for the first time in 2002 in East Sussex, England.  EmoTrance is entirely and strictly focused on the movement of energy in, through and out the energy body.  It is “content free” in the best sense of the word and can be applied to just about anything that humans can think, worry or feel pain about.  This includes past resolution, forgiveness, bereavement, relationship issues, old wounds, burdens and pains, current instabilities, feelings “in the moment”, and all things future related, including goal setting, planning, self identity and so much more besides.

The basic EmoTrance emotion healing exercise:    

“Where do you feel this in your body?” Now, our attention is in the right place, and for the first time we can say and think the magic words, “This is only an energy.  As energy needs to flow, simply say “Soften and flow!” 

When we say “where do you feel it”, we mean as a pressure, pain or sensation like when someone is mad their head may pound or when someone is in a quandary about making a decision their stomach may hurt. That is the “feeling” that you are looking for; the feeling associated with the emotion that you are experiencing. 

Now, try this for yourself: 

  1. Call up an old emotion you know well and which you can feel in your body.
  2. Where do you feel this in your body? Show me with your hands.
  3. Place your hands, your healing hands and your attention there and consider where this energy needs to go.
  4. Think and say, “This is only an energy! Soften and flow!”
  5. Pay attention to where this energy needs to go. Breathe deeply, don’t over think this. Watch your hands as they move, they can often give a clue where the energy needs to go. If it feels painful, the energy needs to soften more. Massage the area with your healing hands as you think and say, “This is only an energy – soften and flow…”
  6. Once the energy starts to move, you need to find the exit point. If you lose track of the energy flow, remind yourself of the original area and the problem to re-start the energy flow and discover the pathway the energy needs to take to find its way out.
  7. Encourage yourself and the energy flow by breathing deeply, allowing natural body movements to assist you, using your healing hands of energy and also by saying to yourself when the energy starts to move, “That’s very good! Soften and flow!”
  8. When you have the pathway established, re-call the original experience and repeat moving the energy in, through and out, until it flows instantly and cleanly, and the original ’emotional pain’ is no more.
  9. Now encourage the energy to move faster and faster until you experience an exciting, electric, pleasurable, charging sensation which we call the energized end state.
  10. Take a moment to think back on the original experience and notice what new information and insights you have gained as a result of the EmoTrance process.

  If you would like to experience EmoTrance first-hand, you can contact me via email


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