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I have been feeling a significence to October 11, 2011 in relation to a change in consciousness. It was a growing concern. I found information on the October 28th predictions of the end of the Mayan Calendar.. but couldn’t find anything on October 11th. Now – this makes more sense. Don’t you just love google!

The Mayan calendar & build up to the 7th Day, 11th October 2011
Written by Sean Caulfield

The Mayan calendar & build up to the 7th Day, 11th October 2011

The Universal Flower Wilts and makes way for the Fruit of Universal Truth – Honouring the cycles of Divine Time… Here you can see the 9th Level Universal Wave calendar.

On the Mayan calendar’s 260 day Tzolkin which reflects the Spiritual Cosmic cycles of time, on 2nd October we complete a 13day wave of growth as an aspect of the Tree of Life from seed to fruit with Ik(Wind) which brings about evolutions new Divine phenomena being dispersed by communicating the impending changes driven by the Divine Creation cycles of Spiritual Time. This is as the Universal Flower continues to wilt, allowing for the fruits of truth that the infinite Universe can only exists by. The ultimate Divine plan is to see self consciously and from the heart. The ancient heart is evolving through the mind so as for the mind to overcome the grip it has on the physical illusion we are playing into. We are alive in this 3rd dimension so as to set ourselves free. Being here is our choice that we have unconsciously gifted ourselves so as to become conscious.

With perfect Divine timing we are about to start a new wave of 13 days on 3rd Oct which brings in the Eagle(Bird). We will ascend to a higher perspective and our aspirations will give birth to a new feeling of courage within our ancient Spirit. Look out for the messages that come as omens from Great Spirit. This time is the manifestation of fertility and the wealth that it brings. Give thanks to all that we have collected and give sacrifice for all that is to come. Birds are messengers of the Gods; they provide us with signs and talk to us about our lives. They take what they want from our endless days work, they rob us of our seeds we have just planted. We have destroyed their forest homes and they are given their food from the corn field for the harm that we have done to them. Birds are symbols of wealth and abundance as they sing to us with their sweet morning songs. A good time to ask for protection.

The 7th day Universal fruits of the “Cosmic Tree of Life” which starts on the 11th October will allow for the greatest shift ever to Unity Consciousness. Yet, with this will come seeming chaos but it will be Divinely ordered to Creation’s will. The dawn of a new time will rise up through all consciousness as we birth a world that can only survive in complete truth, sacredness, peace, love, harmony, respect and humility. Honouring this balance will allow for unity consciousness to be attracted to itself, thus Oneness will become whole from seeing this consciously from within and without. We are the duality of the same coin that has 2 sides which connect the within to the without and allows for our perceptions to evolve from the separateness to the Oneness.

The Cosmic Tree of the Universe exists in synchronicity with the Divine cycles, rhythms and frequency of time that emanate from the center and Source of the Infinite Universe. This center is mirrored within our Ancient Heart. The human is the portal connecting the within to the without. Thus, because we have free will we can destroy ourselves or live in harmony and peace with ourselves and all it reflects as another aspect of self.

Since the brain has been given to humanity it has evolved into various  states of awareness, the highest state the brain will ascend to is the state that the ancient heart has always existed in. The brain is about to reach an alignment with the heart, thus the consciousness of self that the heart has to filter through the brain will see itself having no polarized or dualistic filters any longer and this will allow for a direct connection to the Oneness of the Universal Heart of unconditional love and light. We will see everything transparently for what it is. The illusions of separateness will dissolve. This event in the time and space of the 3rd dimension will fully manifest at the completion of the full growth of the Cosmic Tree of the Universe. The actual Gregorian date that this is going to fully complete, is according to the completion of the 9 levels of Creations Consciousness of the Mayan Calendar, going to be on the 28th of October 2011.

The Cosmic Convergence/Autumn Equinox ceremony in Glastonbury went off very well… thanks to all who were present and participated in this Global Event, here is a YouTube… and a link to some Facebook Photo’s…

I feel personally that the days of the 10th 11th and 12th of October (the 11th being the beginning of the 7th Day and the 12th being the full moon) are good days to celebrate in alignment through ceremony with the Divine will of Creation’s Ultimate Purpose of allowing for Oneness on Mother Earth and with the Infinite Universe.

This week after the Cosmic Convergence I have felt incredible feelings of truth resonate through my being and I have never before felt such powerful feelings of Great Spirit’s guidance. I sit in awe of the profoundness of where we are at. we are not only in the last hour but also now in the last second, a mere billionth of a second away from the completion of the greatest achievement yet, which will allow for Oneness to evolve without any challenges.

Through Love…

Sean Caulfield


I have been slowly working Earth Medicine into the EmoTrance workshops.  Using EmoTrance to soften different areas of our lives that work in conjunction with the earth energy and so hoping to teach people how to have a better relationship with the Earth Mother which, like humans, is another living, breathing, constantly evolving entity.

So, now that I have rambled on sufficiently, put down your coffee, stand if you are able and play along with me for this wonderfully, rejuvenating exercise.  You can pre-record this exercise to play so that you can use it as a meditation or you can read it aloud envisioning the energy as it moves and dances.

Earth Medicine Exercise

Standing on Mother Earth now in bare feet
Cool earth, solid earth
Feeling the heartbeat of her
Feel her as she shifts, moves and dances beneath your feet
Imagine now that from your feet there begins to grow roots that move downward
Feel your roots moving down through the hair of Mother Earth (grass)
Feel your roots moving through the skin of Mother Earth (sand and dirt)
Feel your roots winding downward through the roots of grass, trees, shrubs
Feel your roots shrugging past the bones of Mother Earth (bedrock, stones)
Feel your roots pushing strong downward until they touch water
Feeling the cool inviting water that is the lifeblood of Mother Earth
Allowing the roots to linger there for a moment in that cool healing water, softening, softening
Quickly breathing the energy back up through the bones, skin and hair of Mother Earth
Breathing out the energy as it pools beneath your feet, softening
Breathing in the energy up through the bottoms of your feet
Breathing out energy spreading through your feet ….. softening
Breathing up the energy to your ankles
Breathing out, softening any resistance, tiredness, energy blocks
Breathing up the energy into your calves
Breathing out, softening any resistance, tiredness, energy blocks
Breathing up the energy to your thighs
Breathing out, softening any resistance, tiredness, energy blocks
Breathing up the energy into your hips.
Breathing out, softening any resistance, tiredness, energy blocks
Breathing up the energy to your stomach
Breathing out, softening any resistance, tiredness, energy blocks
Breathing up the energy into your ribs
Breathing out, softening any resistance, tiredness, energy blocks
Breathing up the energy to your heart
Breathing out, healing energy all around you, softening
Breathing up the energy into your throat
Soften your throat and release the breath through sound
Breathing up the energy to your face
Breathing out, relaxing and softening your tongue, your eyes, your cheeks
Breathing up the energy into your scalp
Breathing out, relaxing and softening any resistance, any tiredness, any energy blocks
Breathing up the energy to the top of your head
Breathing out imagining a shooting of energy out the top of your head
Dancing over you ever so gently back into Mother Earth, softening and softening

You can use this exercise any time to refresh, shield, defrag… it has many useful applications.