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I recently ran across some information on stress and how it affects the energy body.

When I read it I was really concerned about the number of these symptoms that I recognized in myself. As an EmoTrance trainer, I was blessed to have a resolute tool to work on this for myself.  I would like to offer you the same. EmoTrance is a self-help technique for softening and removing blocked energy that caused you stress and eventually illness.

So, let me share this information on stress with you. It comes from an article that Dr. Silvia Hartmann wrote on the technique of EFT. She discovered EmoTrance as a result of her research with EFT. Now, here’s the information. I hope it helps you in some way.

Stress happens in all human beings, including children. The more stressed the energy system becomes, the more severe the symptoms become in a direct cause-and-effect relationship.  Energy System Stress expresses itself in:

  • Disturbed emotions (INAPPROPRIATE anger, sadness, aggression, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Disturbed thinking (unrealistic thoughts, mixed up thoughts, inability to think clearly, hallucinating, paranoia, “crazy” thinking, “low self-esteem,” doubts, illogical beliefs, values and attitudes, conflicts, indecision etc.)
  • Disturbed body postures (ragged and confused movements, choppy/incomplete gestures, facial expressions of disturbance, lack of co-ordination, uncontrolled breathing, voice disturbances, stiff and locked body, trembling, shaking, blushing, performance failure etc.)
  • Disturbed speaking patterns (lack of rhythm, “forgetting” vocabulary, mixing up words, grammatical disturbances, and high level use of expletives and swear words, stuttering, “ahm,” inability to express vocally, inappropriate voice pitch and volume, etc.)
  • Disturbed social functioning (relationship problems, communication failure, “uncivilized” behavior, selfishness, lack of emotional intelligence, introversion etc.)
  • Disturbed physical functioning (eating disorders, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, immune system stress/failure, prone to “accidents,” addictions, failure to heal/restore, lack of physical energy for physical tasks etc.)

EVERY “normal” human being will begin to show these signs of stress when stress becomes high enough. There is a predictable progression of symptoms that get consecutively worse, the more stressed the energy body becomes. Conversely, the symptoms reduce in severity and frequency when stress is relieved.

When we release stress from the energy body by removing blockages and improving the flow of energy, people will display consecutively more logical and empowering emotions, thinking and behavior.

The less stressed the client and their energy system becomes:

  • The easier it is for client and practitioner to communicate;
  • the easier it is for the practitioner to find out what has to be done next;
  • the more resourceful, helpful and co-operative the client will be: the more confident, resourceful and useful the EmoTrance practitioner will be;
  • and the easier it is to make excellent progress in restoring flow to the energy system.

Again, as an EmoTrance Master Trainer I know that when there are multiple reasons for being stressed, it is easiest to EmoTrance “where do I feel stress in my body” than on any one particular topic that is causing stress.

If you are interested in learning more about EmoTrance and how it can help you to de-stress, please contact me or one of the licensed EmoTrance Practitioners. They can be found through the websites of and EmoTrance.Com

Have a marvelously stress free day!


Earth Medicine Healing

This planet that our physical bodies exist on, that you call the Earth, is an infinitely, intelligent life force that said I should call her Ani (Mother). I have never understood what language “Ani” came from and so I am guessing it is from one of the ancient languages that has been long forgotten. In the Dakota way Mother is Ina (Ani backwards).

For some time now I have cringed without knowing when I see notices or hear of groups of human beings gathering in all good intentions to send focused energy to the Earth. The Harmonic Conversion of the 80’s sent me into hibernation and migraines. I never really understood why I had the feeling of dread everytime that I read that. Now I do. The Mother explains it to me like this; imagine that you were sitting enjoying yourself and all the sudden a spaceship or some other “thing” came and hovered over you and focused this beam of highly charged polluted energy onto you like an atomic bomb. What would you do? What would you feel? What would that do to your body? She asks that instead of focusing our polluted emotional energy onto her; that we focus on healing ourselves and raising our vibration as that is part of what is killing her – our diseased, corrupted vibrations. If we heal ourselves as in our physical bodies, our emotions, our spirits, then she will begin to resonate with that health. As it is she is resonating with what we are currently vibrating.

Are you ready to easily release worry, pain or fear and restore your emotional health? Are you ready for a dynamic way of processing life experiences in quicker and more joyful ways? Are you open to the idea of discovering a series of simple steps that lets you adventure into enhanced states of well-being and emotional flow?

Emotrance is just such a technique and it can be easily learned. The regular application of the Emotrance processes to a variety of emotional scenarios, past and present helps you discover more about your energy body. As you become more aware of your own energy, you can assist it in flowing more smoothly and in doing so; can restore your Divine Blueprint for your emotional body.

Emotrance can accelerate traditional counseling and psychotherapy as the question is asked ‘where do you experience this issue in your body’, and once the energy is noticed, it can be encouraged to soften and flow. Once energy begins to flow, there is often no need to continue focusing on the issue.

Emotrance can be used for fun and creativity too as it is possible to obtain energy nutrition from objects and people in our environment.  We could take energy from a gorgeous sparkling chandelier we admire in a place we visit instead of only admiring it and perhaps having wistful thoughts of ‘isn’t it lovely, but I could never afford’, we can notice where we feel the energy of this beautiful object in our own energy system, and then let the energy soften and flow out of us. This neatly feeds us and as a side effect we leave the washing and upkeep of the chandelier to someone else.

It is possible to use Emotrance on your own or you might prefer to first work with an Emotrance Practitioner to address matters that are important to you.

For example, you might have been working on a creative project for some time. You are told you have to a meeting with one of the funders and your stomach drops as you dislike her because she is too (tall/short/fat/thin/old/young/spoilt/sloppy/distant/interfering/dynamic/feeble stupid etc.). Dealing with bureaucrats is not your favorite occupation, but you agree to the meeting as you don’t seem to have a choice. The next thing you know the meeting is re-scheduled for tomorrow, rather than next month as agreed. This adds to your anxiety about meeting the funder as you have less time to psyche yourself up for it.

There are several ways to deal with this, such as resigning, moaning to anyone who will listen, discussing with your therapist about how she reminds you of a teacher who traumatized you when you were 5, or you could Emotrance it.

You could notice where you experience the energy of this person in your body and let it soften and flow.   An Emotrance practitioner would assist in noticing any shields you may have and can help you in dissolving those.

As you become more confident in applying the techniques for yourself you have a new set of tools in your emotional well-being kit.

There are EmoTrance Practitioners as well as Trainers in many cities, states and countries all over the world now and expanding every day.  If you would like to experience EmoTrance there are a number of options open to you:

1.  Contact me for a free ebook that you can read at your leisure.
2. Contact an EmoTrance Practitioner for a demonstration
3. Attend a class
Contacts for options: or http:/

It’s About Energy!

March 16-19, 2012
Spiritual Fitness Center

300 N. Coit Road

Richardson, Texas 75080


Emotions and stress are all about energy. Invitation to healers, therapists and everyone to learn a simple, yet powerful technique for all stress and negative emotion release.

Choose Your Level of Participation

Attend 1 day or all 4

One Day Self-Help Introduction to EmoTrance

One day personal experience or personal development workshop. Not only do you get to work on your own issues, but you will also learn more of the finer points of the techniques and become aware of many more applications and circumstances in which EmoTrance can be most helpful.

Become a Certified/Licensed EmoTrance Practitioner

The EmoTrance Practitioner certification gives you everything you need as a professional healer, therapist or holistic health practitioner to be able to combine EmoTrance with your existing modalities, as well as offering EmoTrance sessions as a standalone and to offer EmoTrance Healing Circles. Pre-requisite is Self-Help Workshop.

Take Your Knowledge To the Next Level With Advanced Practitioner

The EmoTrance Advanced Practitioner training and certification not only gives you additional skills, tools and knowledge to help your clients in a greater way, but it also increases your credentials and your level of demand in the world of energy and emotional healing. Pre-requisite is EmoTrance Practitioner Certification.

EmoTrance Trainer Training

You will be sharing the exciting concepts of transforming emotional energy through workshops and licensing new practitioners, you will be the catalyst and inspiration for healing and change for many more people, reaching out to a wider audience. Being the facilitator of brightening, the shining and the freeing of the human spirit and heart is a satisfying career. Being an EmoTrance Trainer is work that brings great joy and is great food for the soul. The weekend will prepare you to deliver EmoTrance Self-Help Workshops, EmoTrance Practitioner Training and Advanced EmoTrance Practitioner Training.

This course involves further time for personal and spiritual development, business planning, marketing and admin and an energy transformation workshop to get you ready to be a passionate speaker with a clear vision and the personal power to achieve your next training goals. Pre-requisite is Advanced ET Practitioner Certification.

Attend 1 day or all 4

Self-Help Workshop

Friday, March 16, 2012

from 9-4 pm – $125.00

ET Practitioner (EP)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

from 9-4 pm $375 total cost


ET Advanced Practitioner (AdvP)

Sun/Mon March 18-19, 2012

From 9-4 pm each day

$525 total cost

ET Trainer (ET)

Mon March 19, 2012

From 9-4 pm $975

AdvP + ET

Sun/Mon March 18-19, 2012

$1250 total cost (reg. $1,500)

EP + AdvP + ET

Attend all 4 days/4 levels

$1525 total cost (reg. $2,000)

From 9-4 pm each day


All workshops will be taught by licensed EmoTrance Trainers:

                                                                                                        Patricia DancingElk, AMT Trainer’s Trainer
                                                                                                                           Vince Bathea, ET Trainer
                                                                                                                          Katie Howard, ET Trainer
                                                                                                                              Beth Dodd, ET Trainer
                                                                                                                         Melanie Dupont, ET Trainer
Jeannine Waters, ET Trainer

For More Information or to Register:



E M O   T R A N C E

05/10/2011 by Paradigm Shift

by Dr. Silvia HartmannEmo Trance

Dr. Silvia Hartmann the author of Emo Trance, has over thirty years experience in the field of human potential. In addition to her own research into energy exchanges between social mammals, and working with the new techniques of Energy Psychology; Dr. Hartmann designed the Emo Trance system to enhance energy awareness and use energy work to change the experience of human emotion.

I have to say that on first impression the book title made me a little sceptical, and, thinking that this may be just an issue with me, I asked a few people what their first reaction was to the title, not the book and received similar feedback.  One person saying that it sounded too ‘out there’!  However, having now read the book I can confirm that it is not ‘out there’ it is in fact clear and concise and very easy to read.

The name Emo Trance comes from Transforming Emotions by working with the energy body. It seems evident that many of us now have some understanding of how unexpressed emotions can eventually lead to physical illness in later life. This book outlines a very simple and practical method for dealing with the emotions in the moment, recognising them as an energy, and working through them instead of ignoring them.  Thereby storing them as blockages in the energy system to wreak havoc when overload is reached. It is a system to help people feel better and that’s it basically. You don’t need to join anything, or believe in anything, or follow anyone, you don’t even have to go to a practitioner, although in some cases I am sure that the love and support from another person would be of great benefit.   However, as the author clearly states on page 82, “For Emo Trance to work the person must want to do it, and they must be able to feel emotions in the body”.

This honest and down to earth approach rippled throughout the book which I found very refreshing, highlighting quite simply that if it resonates with you then try it, if not then don’t, try something else instead.  Not everything works for everyone, we each have to tune in to what is right for us and our own particular frequency.

I found this book both interesting and informative, giving the reader a reminder of the benefits of being present in the moment, fully aware that we are so much more than flesh and bones.

Review by Sandra Marrison

Published by Dragon Rising Publishing

ISBN  978-1-873483-51-0

Energy healing is my passion.  There are many modalities that stem from what I call energy healing; Reiki, Quantum Touch, etc.

I work with Reiki, ThetaHealing, massage, hypnosis, earth medicine, EmoTrance and recently EFT.  I have found them to all be valid tools for assisting people to heal themselves.

About 5 years ago I was led to a book called The Enchanted World by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.  It’s a fantastic book and if you would like a free ebook I can share that with you if you contact me.  That book was the answer to my prayers for information on what I already knew.  And, it expanded that knowledge into an entirely different world.

I am so passionate about this modality that Dr. Silvia Hartmann calls EmoTrance.  I share it with everyone that I know.  I share it at work, in the hallways, in the grocery store, mall, resturants, simple “chance” conversations.  I share it through client sessions.  The most important way that I share EmoTrance is through workshops.   There is a workshop in March if you would like to learn more about this simply and highly effective healing modality.   If you would like to experience this intensity of healing contact me.

The information on the workshop can be found on my website at:

What have I witnessed in the way of healing through EmoTrance?

  • One student lost over 100 pounds after attending the Practitioner Workshop and clearing an emotional block from her marriage.
  • One student who could barely walk due to an accidental fall where she broke multiple bones including ribs, hip, in her ear and  having a concussion regained her strength, mobility and her life after attending the Practitioner Workshop and resolving the emotional block from that accident.
  • One student resolved life-long terror of her step-father who had raped her as a child.
  • One student resolved her recurring nightmares.
  • One student’s relationship with her parents was healed.

Beyond all of the healings that I witness during each workshop, I get to see people come in who are struggling in some way leave the workshop lighter, brighter, filled with new purpose and hope.  Teaching these courses is so very rewarding for me.  I wish that for you.  Join me on March 16th for the self-help portion and see how you feel after that.

Love and blessings.