Does Energy Healing Really Work?

Energy healing is my passion.  There are many modalities that stem from what I call energy healing; Reiki, Quantum Touch, etc.

I work with Reiki, ThetaHealing, massage, hypnosis, earth medicine, EmoTrance and recently EFT.  I have found them to all be valid tools for assisting people to heal themselves.

About 5 years ago I was led to a book called The Enchanted World by Dr. Silvia Hartmann.  It’s a fantastic book and if you would like a free ebook I can share that with you if you contact me.  That book was the answer to my prayers for information on what I already knew.  And, it expanded that knowledge into an entirely different world.

I am so passionate about this modality that Dr. Silvia Hartmann calls EmoTrance.  I share it with everyone that I know.  I share it at work, in the hallways, in the grocery store, mall, resturants, simple “chance” conversations.  I share it through client sessions.  The most important way that I share EmoTrance is through workshops.   There is a workshop in March if you would like to learn more about this simply and highly effective healing modality.   If you would like to experience this intensity of healing contact me.

The information on the workshop can be found on my website at:

What have I witnessed in the way of healing through EmoTrance?

  • One student lost over 100 pounds after attending the Practitioner Workshop and clearing an emotional block from her marriage.
  • One student who could barely walk due to an accidental fall where she broke multiple bones including ribs, hip, in her ear and  having a concussion regained her strength, mobility and her life after attending the Practitioner Workshop and resolving the emotional block from that accident.
  • One student resolved life-long terror of her step-father who had raped her as a child.
  • One student resolved her recurring nightmares.
  • One student’s relationship with her parents was healed.

Beyond all of the healings that I witness during each workshop, I get to see people come in who are struggling in some way leave the workshop lighter, brighter, filled with new purpose and hope.  Teaching these courses is so very rewarding for me.  I wish that for you.  Join me on March 16th for the self-help portion and see how you feel after that.

Love and blessings.


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