EmoTrance Article in Paradigm Shift Magazine

E M O   T R A N C E

05/10/2011 by Paradigm Shift

by Dr. Silvia HartmannEmo Trance

Dr. Silvia Hartmann the author of Emo Trance, has over thirty years experience in the field of human potential. In addition to her own research into energy exchanges between social mammals, and working with the new techniques of Energy Psychology; Dr. Hartmann designed the Emo Trance system to enhance energy awareness and use energy work to change the experience of human emotion.

I have to say that on first impression the book title made me a little sceptical, and, thinking that this may be just an issue with me, I asked a few people what their first reaction was to the title, not the book and received similar feedback.  One person saying that it sounded too ‘out there’!  However, having now read the book I can confirm that it is not ‘out there’ it is in fact clear and concise and very easy to read.

The name Emo Trance comes from Transforming Emotions by working with the energy body. It seems evident that many of us now have some understanding of how unexpressed emotions can eventually lead to physical illness in later life. This book outlines a very simple and practical method for dealing with the emotions in the moment, recognising them as an energy, and working through them instead of ignoring them.  Thereby storing them as blockages in the energy system to wreak havoc when overload is reached. It is a system to help people feel better and that’s it basically. You don’t need to join anything, or believe in anything, or follow anyone, you don’t even have to go to a practitioner, although in some cases I am sure that the love and support from another person would be of great benefit.   However, as the author clearly states on page 82, “For Emo Trance to work the person must want to do it, and they must be able to feel emotions in the body”.

This honest and down to earth approach rippled throughout the book which I found very refreshing, highlighting quite simply that if it resonates with you then try it, if not then don’t, try something else instead.  Not everything works for everyone, we each have to tune in to what is right for us and our own particular frequency.

I found this book both interesting and informative, giving the reader a reminder of the benefits of being present in the moment, fully aware that we are so much more than flesh and bones.

Review by Sandra Marrison

Published by Dragon Rising Publishing


ISBN  978-1-873483-51-0


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