Request from Ani

Earth Medicine Healing

This planet that our physical bodies exist on, that you call the Earth, is an infinitely, intelligent life force that said I should call her Ani (Mother). I have never understood what language “Ani” came from and so I am guessing it is from one of the ancient languages that has been long forgotten. In the Dakota way Mother is Ina (Ani backwards).

For some time now I have cringed without knowing when I see notices or hear of groups of human beings gathering in all good intentions to send focused energy to the Earth. The Harmonic Conversion of the 80’s sent me into hibernation and migraines. I never really understood why I had the feeling of dread everytime that I read that. Now I do. The Mother explains it to me like this; imagine that you were sitting enjoying yourself and all the sudden a spaceship or some other “thing” came and hovered over you and focused this beam of highly charged polluted energy onto you like an atomic bomb. What would you do? What would you feel? What would that do to your body? She asks that instead of focusing our polluted emotional energy onto her; that we focus on healing ourselves and raising our vibration as that is part of what is killing her – our diseased, corrupted vibrations. If we heal ourselves as in our physical bodies, our emotions, our spirits, then she will begin to resonate with that health. As it is she is resonating with what we are currently vibrating.


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