Energy System Stress

I recently ran across some information on stress and how it affects the energy body.

When I read it I was really concerned about the number of these symptoms that I recognized in myself. As an EmoTrance trainer, I was blessed to have a resolute tool to work on this for myself.  I would like to offer you the same. EmoTrance is a self-help technique for softening and removing blocked energy that caused you stress and eventually illness.

So, let me share this information on stress with you. It comes from an article that Dr. Silvia Hartmann wrote on the technique of EFT. She discovered EmoTrance as a result of her research with EFT. Now, here’s the information. I hope it helps you in some way.

Stress happens in all human beings, including children. The more stressed the energy system becomes, the more severe the symptoms become in a direct cause-and-effect relationship.  Energy System Stress expresses itself in:

  • Disturbed emotions (INAPPROPRIATE anger, sadness, aggression, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Disturbed thinking (unrealistic thoughts, mixed up thoughts, inability to think clearly, hallucinating, paranoia, “crazy” thinking, “low self-esteem,” doubts, illogical beliefs, values and attitudes, conflicts, indecision etc.)
  • Disturbed body postures (ragged and confused movements, choppy/incomplete gestures, facial expressions of disturbance, lack of co-ordination, uncontrolled breathing, voice disturbances, stiff and locked body, trembling, shaking, blushing, performance failure etc.)
  • Disturbed speaking patterns (lack of rhythm, “forgetting” vocabulary, mixing up words, grammatical disturbances, and high level use of expletives and swear words, stuttering, “ahm,” inability to express vocally, inappropriate voice pitch and volume, etc.)
  • Disturbed social functioning (relationship problems, communication failure, “uncivilized” behavior, selfishness, lack of emotional intelligence, introversion etc.)
  • Disturbed physical functioning (eating disorders, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, immune system stress/failure, prone to “accidents,” addictions, failure to heal/restore, lack of physical energy for physical tasks etc.)

EVERY “normal” human being will begin to show these signs of stress when stress becomes high enough. There is a predictable progression of symptoms that get consecutively worse, the more stressed the energy body becomes. Conversely, the symptoms reduce in severity and frequency when stress is relieved.

When we release stress from the energy body by removing blockages and improving the flow of energy, people will display consecutively more logical and empowering emotions, thinking and behavior.

The less stressed the client and their energy system becomes:

  • The easier it is for client and practitioner to communicate;
  • the easier it is for the practitioner to find out what has to be done next;
  • the more resourceful, helpful and co-operative the client will be: the more confident, resourceful and useful the EmoTrance practitioner will be;
  • and the easier it is to make excellent progress in restoring flow to the energy system.

Again, as an EmoTrance Master Trainer I know that when there are multiple reasons for being stressed, it is easiest to EmoTrance “where do I feel stress in my body” than on any one particular topic that is causing stress.

If you are interested in learning more about EmoTrance and how it can help you to de-stress, please contact me or one of the licensed EmoTrance Practitioners. They can be found through the websites of and EmoTrance.Com

Have a marvelously stress free day!


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