Stress – Seems To Always Be Present

StressSeems To Always Be Present

In the old way, every human occupied part of the Earth lived as a clan or tribe.  Some cultures still recognize them and live according to those patterns set by the ancestors for honoring and respect.  Some people look back on that time and say “it was so much easier then… no stress”.  Not true.  Although their lives were simpler in the sense of survival and responsibilities, each one of those tribes or clans had a recognized leader, (Chief, King, Emperor, etc).  And, activities, status and responsibilities were assigned to each member to ensure the survival of the tribe.  For the most part, everyone worked with one goal in mind – survival.  And, they lived according to the seasons.  They ate according to availability, slept with the sun’s schedule, traveled when it was necessary and “jobs” were simple and dependable, living in flow with the all that is.  Only a few ever challenged the way it was.

Still, there was stress.  Although you would think they were all free, they were not. They were under the rule or were governed by the ruling body.  They still had the stress of survival and the stress of relationships. That much hasn’t changed. Factor in stress caused by warfare, devastation through weather patterns like earthquakes, droughts, floods, etc.  Of course, their bodies were able to handle the stress easier because their diets were pure, the air pure, the water pure and the living much simpler.

And, here we are in the year 2012.  We are still stressed by the threat to our survival and relationships through warfare, devastation from earthquakes, droughts, floods, etc.  The difference is that most of us have an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, plus being bombarded every day by negativity programming though the news media, communities, social networking, and numerous other outlets.  And, factor in the programming about the end of the world prophecies.

Emotions are feelings in the body which have no physical cause.  They are felt physically and produce very powerful physical responses. When you relieve stress, people become calmer, more reasonable and more rational and are less likely to think illogical or to react in an unpredictable manner.

Remove the burden of stress from a person, and will see a person who is more lovable, resourceful and more capable of dealing with every day challenges.  Many of our medical diagnoses are condensed stress.  And, the more stressed, the more severe the symptoms become:

  • Emotional – anger, sadness, aggression, withdrawal, relationship problems, communication failure, selfishness, seclusion, inability to communicate, low self-esteem, etc.
  • Mental –  unrealistic or mixed-up thoughts, inability to think clearly, hallucinating, paranoia, doubts, illogical beliefs, values and attitudes, conflicts, indecision, forgetting vocabulary, mixing up words, grammatical disturbances, high level use of expletives and swear words, stuttering, inability to express vocally, inappropriate voice pitch and volume, etc.
  • Physical – jerky gestures, strained facial expressions, uncoordinated/clumsy, holding one’s breath, voice disturbances, clenching/tense muscles, trembling, shaking, blushing, performance failure, accident prone, addictions, etc.
  • Medical conditions – GERD (heartburn, indigestion), high blood pressure, heart attack/stroke, migraines, sleep disturbances, immune system  failure, fatigue, obesity, arthritis, asthma, depression, anxiety, etc.

And, you thought this was going to be a positive, uplifting post?  Well you are right.  It is!!!   I just had to show you first what you have to lose; stress, and what you have to gain; peace and a valuable tool for dealing with everyday stress that will leave you energized, alert, and actually looking forward to change.  Change is inevitable, you know.  It’s the ever-flowing energy of everything.  Nothing stays the same.  Even when you die and you think that’s the end.. it isn’t.   It is actually the beginning of something new.

If you were to reflect on your life, even as recent as 30 minutes ago, what happened that caused you to have a reaction?  Did you have an emotional reaction such as sadness, pity, love, appreciation, happiness, anger, etc?  Did your body react in the way of the heart rate speeding up, the stomach churning, your head hurting, your ears ringing, your eyes tearing up?

If you were to reflect on that instance again.. just for a second and feel that same reaction you might realize that it is still there.  Yes, it doesn’t really come in, though and out as it should.  It is stuck there, that emotional reaction, that emotional energy.  And, it will most likely continue to revisit you from time to time until it is released.

So, let’s go for three!  If you were to reflect on that instance again, just for a second and where ever you feel that sensation or emotion, just focus there and say to yourself “soften and flow”.  What happens?  Some of you will have felt a movement in your body.  Perhaps you actually felt the sensation of that energy moving to a different part of your body. Some of you might not have felt anything in the way that you can track it, but you might feel a difference in your emotional reaction to that “instance” now.

Are you willing to see where this goes?  Now, wherever you feel the sensation now, focus there and say again “soften and flow”… not making it flow but just intending that it will soften and that it will flow when it is soft enough to be fluid and can move.  Where is it now?  Follow it through your body intending it soften and flow until you feel it leave or until you no longer have physical sensations related to this exercise.

Now, bring up the instance again and go through the same exercise of finding/locating the sensation and intending that it soften and flow then following it softening and flowing until it leaves your body.  It should go much faster and easier this time.

One last time – follow the same protocol as before.  This time you should feel just a slight twinge or sensation.  That’s it.

This technique was named “EmoTrance” which is simply Emotional Transformation.  It was developed by Dr. Silvia Hartmann in England in 2002.

This demonstration was only a small part of what you can accomplish in your life and the changes you can make with EmoTrance.

If you would like to know more about this incredibly easy tool, there are many live courses being offered in the Dallas area and around the world.  Seating is limited so you should register as soon as possible.  The cost to attend the one day introduction, where you learn the basic procedure and are taken through exercises to clear most everyday emotional damage, is only $125.

To reserve your place, please contact me at or go to Its-About-Energy.Com


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