Just Be

We are all empathing this energy of the Mother’s death struggle in going from the cocoon to the butterfly.  It would be so much easier for her if we as human beings weren’t struggling as well.

I know that we have been gifted some amazing tools for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and the tendency is to want to “fix” everything… but sometimes you just have to allow the energy to be what it is and to come in, through and out. It’s that part that confounds people. They want to supercede the in and through part because it’s too personal.

You just have to know when it’s in the “in” process to transmute it. That probably didn’t make much sense.. It sounds contradictory to me. But, there is no answer, right…

Everyone seems to be frantically searching for the “cure” to everything that ails them.  There is no one-specific-cure because there was no one-specific-injury that caused this calamity of life we are in right now.

The spirit that talks to me, that I call The Mother, has one message for us all and it simply “just be”.  Stop doing, stop searching, stop thinking you have to fix it and just “be”.

I know what you are saying. I can hear you now. I can see you shaking your head and I can even intuit some of the comments that you are making right now (that are very disrespectful, by the way).  It’s okay.  I know that denial is a nasty creature that lives in most, if not, all of us.

We are so beaten down, so angry, dejected, confused and bewildered that we don’t know what to believe any more or who to trust.

Yes, there is an answer to this one!

The answer is simply “trust yourself”.  You have the answers.  You know the truth.  It is you. You have put yourself where you are right now and you can get yourself out of it by returning to the source that is you. “Just be”.

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  1. Amen!!! Thank you for the timely message ~~ as you know, this is Tippy’s main message to me!! xoxo

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