What Is Vibration?

Merriam-Webster describes it as: “4a: a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced.

Consider the concept that everything is energy and all energy is in a state of constant vibration.

energy = vibration

Even the seemingly solid items in your home, such as tables and chairs, vibrate. They vibrate at such a low frequency they appear as solid objects to the human eye, still they do have a vibration.

Each and every thought is energy and has its own vibrational frequency. We are effectively transmitting vibrational signals into the universe constantly and consistently.

We are all born with a core vibration, a set point of sorts.  As we experience the world around us, our core vibration changes; expanding, contracting, expanding, contracting, etc.

Your vibration is so important because it is what you are emanating to the Universe (the Unifying Field) right now. Your current vibration is a culmination of all that you are desiring, feeling, thinking, and believing in this moment.

Are you aware that your vibrational level influences every second of your life including all of your life experiences? For instance, if you were focusing on the negative side of your current state of being, what do you think your vibration is attracting to yourself?  And, if you were to change your focus to a more positive outlook, what do you think your vibration will attract now?

I believe that we can learn to consciously affect our own vibratory patterns and align with these energies for health, vibrancy, manifestation and transformation.

Take a quick moment to feel your current vibration.  Tune into your dominant mood. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your vibration right now? 

If you can agree that that everything is energy, then you can understand that the density of an object controls how fast the energy can physically vibrate.  So, it makes sense that everything vibrates within certain ranges of frequency in order for our senses to perceive it.

Our energy, physical and emotional bodies respond to all of the influence around us (i.e. energy/vibrations) seen and unseen.  Our response is directly related to how our bodies perceive that vibration.  Since vibrations as energy are not normally seen by the eye, we “feel” them and interpret that way.

Let’s look at what lowers your vibration:

  • Gossiping
  • Negativity
  • Illness
  • Pollution
  • Alcohol/drugs
  • prescription medication
  • damaged energy body 

2a. Look around you right now, in this room.  Look at the lights, the ceiling, and the people in the room.  Notice the smells in the room.  Notice the temperature of the room.  Notice the energetic template of the room. Notice how your body responds to this call for attention to those things, how your body responds to each thing that I asked you to focus on.  Notice how your body responded to the vibrations as you took that in through your senses of sight, smell and feeling.   How is your perception of this room and everything in it affecting the frequency of your vibration?  I hope that you remembered to use EmoTrance to resolve and resistance, shields or blocks to those responses.   

2b. Close your eyes and imagine now that you hear a bird outside singing. Your brain is interpreting the vibrations caused by the sound waves emitted by the bird.  And, imagine now that you see a beautiful rainbow.  Your eyes are conveying to your brain the reflection of the light waves which are created by vibrations.  When you hold a glass of ice water you feel it cold because its molecules are vibrating at a lower frequency than those of your body temperature.  Imagine a bright yellow, juicy lemon in front of you.  Your mouth will begin to water in response because of the vibration of that lemon. And lastly, imagine that there is a big bully standing in front of you holding a big knife and that they make a stabbing gesture at you with it?   Again, I hope that you remembered to use EmoTrance to resolve and resistance, shields or blocks to those responses.   It doesn’t have to be the up-close/in-person-physical- manifestation of a thing – it is the vibration of it that we are responding to. 

You can see how interpretations of our brain create feelings and emotions which are also vibrations.

Normally, whether a stimulation of physical or non-physical is enjoyable or not determines whether it lowers or raises your vibration.  I said normally for a reason.  Now that we have a tool for resolving energetic blocks and imbalances, we are no longer at the mercy of our feelings and emotions.

You can see that raising your vibration can be as easy as noticing your reaction to things that you perceive and using EmoTrance to make sure that the energetic flow is a positive one.  As you raise your energetic vibration you raise your ability to attract/manifest.

That’s the simplicity of all of this.  As with anything there is always the next level.  Do you want to take this to the next level?

The Energy Body

The energy body is like a mirror of the physical body, but it is made up of etheric matter.  If you were outside at night and you looked at a light post, headlight of a car or even at the moon, you would most likely see a haze or halo around it.  That is the energy body.

When the physical body is not vibrating at the same level as the energy body the “flow” is distorted.  When the flow is distorted the manifestation is blocked. What results is a feeling of being in “limbo”, that place of seeming nothingness.


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