What is this “soften and flow”?

Hello everyone.  I’ve missed you!  You must be really busy.  Busy is great.  Movement is great.  Flowing is greater.

So, I was thinking this morning about flow.  There are a trillion healing modalities out there and a handful of them are considered “self-help”.

How many of you would rather someone else fix you then do the work yourself?

Let me ask you a simple question……  who knows you better, someone else or you?  Ooopppsss.  That depends, right?  It depends on whether or not you have given your “power” over to other people.  It depends on whether or not you have disconnected from your body.

How many times have you said you are just “numb” or you’re too tired to “feel”.  And, how many times have you gone to a medical doctor, alternative healer or energy worker and said “just fix it” because you thought it was easier than doing the work yourself.

Really, to do the work yourself you would have to actually look at the problem – and O.M.G. you might have to actually connect to your body and feel what it is feeling!  Okay, so it might be more appealing under those circumstances to go to someone else and give your life over to them and tell them to fix you.  Only, no one else can fix you my love.

You’re it.  They can aleviate some of your “symptoms”.  They can ease your mind.  They can give you nurturing and comfort which make you feel better about yourself for a while.  But, they can’t “fix” you and so whatever the issue was will return at some point because it has never gone away it’s only been numbed.  At some point it will creep/seep back up to the surface of your consciousness.

Someone commented to me recently that “if you ever have cancer it will always come back”.   That brought up a lot of anger for me mostly because not only have I had a bought with cancer, but I have  loved ones who are in “remission”.   In some ways what they said was absolutely true.  In some ways it was a lie.

It is a common belief that all disease originated from an emotion, a belief, a programming or a judgement, thus the change from disease to dis-ease.  So, if that is true; then if you have not dealt with the origin of the dis-ease, then it is still there.  How do you feel about that?   I, personally, believe that when you deal with the emotional origin you have dealt with the dis-ease.

There are books that talk about the origin of dis-ease and illness and how they are connected to an emotion.   Louise Hay wrote a book called “You Can Heal Your Life”.  Cancer would indicate that something was eating away at you.  Often cancer is associated with anger, but it can also stem from grief, as in the loss of a loved one.  The location of the cancer is a good clue.  Pancreatic cancer might indicate grief, while liver cancer might point to anger.  However, pancreatic cancer could also indicate anger associated with sadness, as in the case where a best friend ran off with a spouse.   I personally know someone who had stomach cancer and had dealt with years and years of repressed anger regarding a cheating spouse.  You could say she was “eaten up with anger and resentment”.

You could try eft – there are a bizillion youtubes giving instructions.  And, Emotional Tranceformation (EmoTrance) is marvelous really.  Whenever you feel the emotions welling up, focus in on where you feel that in your body… then say to yourself (silent or outloud) “soften and flow” not putting any emphasis on any of it… just say the words and see what happens.

You will probably notice that the energy/feeling has moved to another part of your body.  Focus there and say again “soften and flow” and just keep doing that until you feel it leave your body.  You can take it further or you can just enjoy the relief.

If you want to take it further, try to bring back up the emotion, find it in your body again and go through the soften and flow protocol.

You will probably find that the emotional charge is less or maybe you noticed it in a different part of your body this time and it didn’t go through as many places before it left.  If when you say “soften and flow” and it doesn’t move – try saying “soften and flow, where does the energy want to go.  Go there now” and see what happens.  It sounds crazy, but the method is very effective.

If you don’t “feel” anything at all when you think of the situation or issue, then think of where you might feel it in your body if you could such as if you are angry at someone you might get a headache, so the energy would be felt in your head.  Or if someone said something that was really hurtful to you, you might feel as though you’ve been kicked in the stomach.  That is where the energy is felt, in the stomach.

So, play with that and let me know if it brings you any relief.   When you feel that anxiety attack welling up just stop and stay “soften and flow”…. see what happens.

If you need some coaching or advice on using EmoTrance, please contact me.   If you would like, there is a free e-book that I can share with you.  Let me know.   It was a real eyeopener for me and what caused me to become a trainer of this healing modality called EmoTrance.


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