What If We Are The Change?

Everywhere that we are looking for the “answers”.  Everywhere that we are looking for a “change in our environment”.  Everywhere that we are looking for someone to “fix” us.

What if we are the answer?  What if we are the change? What if we don’t really need fixing?

Considerations.  Questions.  Ponderings (is that a word????)

I have been playing with the questions.  The more I ask, the more opens.  The more that opens, the more I ask.  It’s been fantastic!

And, the questions have led to me really looking at myself.  Looking at what I created in this lifetime.  Looking at the choices that I made to get myself here.  And, realizing that it was me that got me here… not anyone else.  There is no one to “blame” or to give credit for where I am right now this second, except me.  It truly is all about me.

Have you considered looking at the you that is really you?  Is there something that you would like to change about yourself?  Ask the question – how can I change this?  How can I accept this?   Should I accept this?  What would it take?

Some of you might recognize the pattern here.  Yes, I have been led to Access Consciousness and the infinite questioning.  I am loving it.  As in all things, you take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  And, so there are some things about the process that I don’t agree with.  That is my choice, right?  And, it is their choice to voice their truths.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just recognize that we all have our own truths and stop trying to control, monitor or judge what other people’s truths are?  Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on ourselves and finding out what our own truths are?

That’s my journey.  I am on a journey to discover “me”.   Have you been following much of what everyone else’s truths are because you thought that their truth was so much more interesting than your own?

There is nothing judgable about listening to other people’s truths.  In that sometimes we recognize our own.  Atleast in the way that you might listen to someone and find yourself saying “wow, I never considered that”… or “wow, that’s just wrong”…. it all gets you to the same place of recognizing your own truth even if you get to it by listening to someone else.   The important thing is to know the difference.  Ask the question “does that belong to me?”  Thank you Gary Douglas for sharing that bit of wisdom…and 5 simple but important words.

  1. Powerfully written. Feels like a great path.

  2. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    The very term “its about energy” is the “all” about us and the world/universe we inhabit. I am drawn to the concept and the reality acknowledge the following of my blog by this comment and by reblogging this particular thought pattern.
    That ‘we’ are the change is profound and makes sense. The problem is establishing who “we” are.

  3. Excellent post! I am on the very same path. Discovering and discarding that which does not belong to me:)

  4. just the lesson to focus on today, it brings us back to our own creativity. We are that change that we seek outside.thankyou for reminding us so beautifully

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