Is It Worth It?

Someone asked me recently about how one can afford to go to all these seminars, workshops, retreats, webinars, etc.   That’s an excellent question that has me processing the same thing every time I get notices in the mail.

One could easily spend their paycheck every week attending the many options for learning, growing and healing.  And, if I could I probably would but then there is the consideration of food, gas, rent and necessities.   What do I spend my money on?  What is most important to me?

There are those that say “I don’t have any money – I am broke – I can’t afford to come to your workshop” then they will go to the beauty shop get a cut and color or have a manicure or massage.   Or they take a vacation for a week.  Or perhaps they go shopping and spend $300 on clothes.  Or they will go out and eat several times that week or to a movie.   Or perhaps they will get Starbucks every day.   Or perhaps they will go to the bookstore or music store and spend an easy $75.

I am not saying any of those things are not important.  The truth is – it’s your money and you have the right to spend in on anything you want to.  That’s the key, isn’t it?  “On anything you want to”  So, when people tell me that they can’t afford something are they really saying “this isn’t what I want to spend my money on right now”?

If you add up everything that you spent during the week on things that were outside of survival, how much would it be?  I know that I have spent $300 easy on things that weren’t really necessary and some of them I never used.

There are those that will say “I know that I want to do this for myself so I will make some adjustments in my spending this week”.  And, perhaps they will bring their lunch every day and wait till the next check for the cut, massage, manicure, etc.

I will tell you this – I am the same procrastinator as many.  What I have noticed about myself, though, is that if the workshop (or whatever) is important enough to me I always manage to manifest the extra money even if it means not doing something else that I wanted to do.

I have probably spent $5,000 in just the last year on alternative healing seminars, conferences, workshops, books, dvd’s and audios.  I could have chosen to spend that elsewhere, but it was important to my healing and growth and so I gladly spent the money.    It’s not that I had an extra $5,000.  It is that I found a way to manifest it whether it was working extra jobs or cutting out something else.   There were times that I searched my bookshelves and found books that I no longer cared about and listed them on Amazon to earn some extra cash.   Or I manifested some extra clients to earn money.

This is the way I look at it.  Is it something that calls to me?  Is it something that will enhance my life?  Does the facilitator offering this information know their business?  Would I be getting my money’s worth?  After all, if I have spent that amount of money and time growing my skill as an alternative healer and teacher and I offer that information to others, should they not be willing to pay for that quality of service and information just as I did?  And, if you are resentful of paying them the fee they ask for, how receptive are you going to be to what they offer?  Will you be so closed up that you don’t receive any healing or information and come away saying “well, that was a waste of money!”?

Which brings up another thought:   If you pay the ridiculous rate of $1,500 for a class that would offer your certification to treat and/or teach others , would you be getting your money’s worth?    Let’s do the math, you pay $1,500 for the course, then you turn around and charge $1,500 for the same course with 10 participants 1 time.   What about the rest of the year, the rest of your life?  How much profit do you think you might have made on your investment?  Was it worth it?

And, what about healing?   What about those who complain about a therapist prices?  What is the difference in someone who charges $40 and someone who charges $750?   Sometimes it is quality of education, experience and range of services.  Sometimes it is about an elevated ego and there is no difference.  Sometimes it is about a deflated ego and in that case even if the person has extended education and experience you would not get the same quality of service because they don’t feel that they are “worth it”.

Am I talking in circles?  Most likely.   There is no clear cut answer to these questions.  It’s all about vibrations.   Who do you resonate with?  What course, class, seminar, etc, do you resonate with?  What or who do you feel comfortable spending money with?    Because if you don’t pay the fees with a clear understanding then you will not be receptive of what is offered.  Whose fault is that?


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