How You Harm Yourself

Have you ever been in a situation where someone stopped talking to you because you said something that they didn’t agree with?  Then they told the story over and over to anyone who would listen?  Then they would “slam” you ever chance they got?  And, no matter what you did, what you said they just threw as many hateful thoughts at you as they possibly could?  It’s exhausting to think about it.  What’s worse is what you know their holding to the anger is doing to their body.
Should you care?  Really?  What can you do about it?  Nothing really.
If the anger is driving them in some way, there is nothing you can do to minimize it.  You do have to wonder what drives a person to hold onto such a destructive force?
Do they hate themselves more than they hate you?  Do they want to punish themselves so much that they hired you to make them so mad that they had an excuse for hurting themselves.  Because, really… how much is it hurting you, or are you standing back watching this thinking to yourself, “What an idiot. I’ve forgiven them for much worse.”
You wouldn’t believe, or maybe you will, how many people I treat or coach every day that the root problem is anger, grief, resentment or fear.   Those are all silent killers.  Of course, we don’t think about that when we are in the middle of the vibration.  Most people can’t see past the energy of anger.   And, they wonder why they are sick or can’t move forward in their lives.
One word “Forgiveness” is the key to a healthy, happy life.
You don’t have to forget who or what you feel hurt you.  Forgiveness may save your life, though.
Did you know that holding onto anger, resentment and blame has the possibility of creating so many health issues such as stomach problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, heart attacks/problems, even cancer?   There are studies on it!  Really.
Did you know that just the action of “being pissed off” creates havoc with your kidneys?
And, did you know that telling the same old tired stories of how someone screwed up your life or screwed over you just keeps that sick energy going?  What’s the purpose of it?
Let it go, please.  Just realize that no one is responsible for you, for your life, for taking care of you or cleaning up after you – but YOU.  The only person who can screw up your life is YOU.  And, in the same light – the only person who can change your life for the better is YOU…  It really is all about you and what YOU do with YOUR life.
There are many ways of freeing yourself from that anger that don’t even include speaking to the person.
Here are a few:
  1. Imagine them standing or sitting in front of you.  Tell them what they have done that you feel was hurtful.  Get it all out… rage at them if you have to.  Let it all go.
  2. Write the person a letter.  You never have to mail it even.  You can burn or bury it with the symbolism of letting it go.
  3. Draw or paint your impression of the situation, with full color. Again, you can bury it or burn it but please don’t hang on to it – no matter how cool you think it turned out.
  4. Get in your car, get on the freeway (not during rush hour) and scream it out.  No one can hear you in the car on a freeway…..  and you can say all the ugly things you might not ever say in person.  Rage, scream, cry until you have said all that is to be said on the subject.
  5. Last but not leastly… and my favorite, of course is to use emotional tranceformation:  Think about the person, where do you feel them in your body, soften and flow until the energy finds it’s appropriate exit from your body.  Bring them back up again.  Where’s the energy now, soften and flow, etc.  Bring them up one last time, where’s the energy now and is it less or does it come in and flow right back out.  Then imagine the situation that has caused you so much anger… where do you feel that in your body, soften and flow, etc, doing that atleast three times as well or until the energy comes in and flows back out quickly.   If that doesn’t work – email me at
    See how powerful you are?  What will you do with all that power – good or bad?
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  1. So Beautiful… Thank you…
    I love the image too, he is an amazing artist…

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