Monthly Archives: October 2012

Walking down a dark alley.  Seeing shadows all around you.  Wondering what danger is there.  Nervous. Anxious.  Fearful.  Insecure about being able to protect yourself.

Although that is a particular scenario, it covers what most of the humans on the planet are feeling right now; Uncertainty about the future.  Wondering who is going to die next.  Wondering if you are going to die.  Feeling death in your body.  Feeling death in your consciousness.  Feeling death in your emotions.

The media doesn’t help to alleviate those fears.  As a matter of fact, they propagate them with hypothesis, prophecies, conspiracy theories and possible outcomes.  The government doesn’t help with all of their secrecy.

Why am I building up this image of fear, darkness, death and dying?

To bring up the energy of it for you so that you can walk through it my relatives.   To bring it up before it consumes you and destroys you.

Most, if not all, of you reading this post are spiritually awakened and conscious of all that is going on around you.  Most of you already have tools that you use and are comfortable with.  Most of you are open to new tools and feel like I do in the way of “anything that helps is appreciated”.

We are all being put in each other’s circles for a reason.  Some would even say that we have all agreed to be on this planet at this time to experience this shift in consciousness.  Some of you even know and believe that you recently moved into this dimension from other places to inhabit a shell that the previous owner agreed to give you because they didn’t want to be here at this time.  Many of you know what I mean by that – some don’t.

Although my sources tell me that the world is not going to end… there is no end to anything, just transformation.  And, although they tell me further that many will die in upcoming earth shifts, I know that many have already died in earth shifts that have been occurring over the last 10 years.  We are born, we transform and we are born again or we walk-in.

Our existence never ends, it only transforms.   We are infinite beings.   So, why do we fear death so much?  Is it about leaving those that we love and have connections to?  That doesn’t change either, really.  Is it fear of the illusion of a place called hell that has been programmed into us?   Do you really believe that?  Do you really believe that a loving God that does so much to nurture and protect us would condemn us to a place called hell?  Do you really believe that an infinite being would choose that for themselves?

I know I am rambling, as I often do, because there is so much going through my consciousness that my typing fingers can’t keep up with it.