The Perception of Shifting

I have noticed a tendency for people to panic when they experience a sudden shift in their perception.   You know what I mean; confusion, depression, anxiety.  All of which are not the norm for you and so you get caught up in the “WTH” consciousness, sometimes.  

Yesterday I posted on facebook that going back to bed might be an option for me which elicited many responses of sympathy and well wished.  All received with love and gratefulness although my message was misunderstood.  I didn’t post that because I was sick or feeling down.  It was because things were just “off” enough for me to notice that there was a shift and because I was not acknowledging it, I was attracting chaos and confusion.  

Most of my relatives here are in a constant state of beingness and growth.  When you expand from your normal state of consciousness it brings up programs and belief systems  that no longer serve you to be released. 

Those that feel they are “highly evolved” and have done so much work that you should never experience “a bad day”; guess what.   We live our lives in a community of other human beings, in a conscious world of electro magnetic fields (EMF) and subliminal programming all over the place.  

And, mostly, you have to realize that you are an ever-expanding spiritual being.  In that, you are constantly reviewing, renewing, regenerating and sometimes that expresses itself in negative emotional experiences.   You should know that this is just a momentary shift in your consciousness.   It helps to acknowledge that it is occurring and then just let it go.  Using tools such as EmoTrance, EFT, Belief Repatterning, Sacred Activations, Access Consciousness, Reiki and such helps to shift the energy faster.  

All that to say “don’t panic – it’s temporary”.  Use your tols.  Ask for help. ❤


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