Control of Emotions & Feelings – The 5 Top Tips, By Dr. Silvia Hartmann

Control of Emotions & Feelings – The 5 Top Tips

by Silvia Hartmann

Control of Emotions & Feelings - The 5 Top TipsHere are Dr Hartmann’s top 5 tips for how to control emotions and feelings successfully – yes, you CAN learn to control your emotions and master your feelings, it’s not even difficult – you just need to know how.

Control of Emotions & Feelings – The 5 Top Tips

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

1 – Don’t be afraid of your emotions and feelings!

The first step to control anything at all is to not be afraid of it. That goes for you wife, your dog, and of course, for your emotions and feelings too!

UNDERSTAND that emotions and feelings are simply feedback devices that let you know how your energy system is doing, by giving you BODY SENSATIONS that we call “feelings”.

Yes, feelings can hurt, Yes, if you don’t know that they come from the energy body they seem random, inexplicable and scary. But once you know emotions and feelings for what they are, simple feedback devices, you can stop being afraid of your emotions and feelings and take a totally different tack to trying to control them.


This is super-important. Most people who were scared of their emotions tried to switch off the body feelings of rising anxiety in the stomach, chest or throat; tightness in the back of the neck; trembling in the hands, and all the body sensations that *are* what we call emotions.

Instead of ignoring these feelings in the body, start to learn WHEN AND HOW it happens that you start to FEEL tight, hot, nauseous, trembling and so forth.

Pay attention to the signals from your body that are the emotions absolute.

Find out where your worst places are where you feel most of your emotions – for some people its in the head, others feel most of their emotions in their throat, heart, chest or stomach, in their genitals too.

And find out exactly what happens to make those places start feeling uncomfortable or painful, so you know what “triggers you” – looks, letters, certain words, people talking in a certain way, but also thoughts you have yourself and things you say to yourself.

3 – Build Up Your Emotional Immune System

The stronger the energy body is, the more it can fend off triggers that cause painful emotions and feelings.

Make sure you eat well, sleep well and exercise; but the energy body also needs other energy forms to remain healthy.

Attention energy is the most powerful; get people to pay attention to you. People attention is the most powerful, but the unconditional attention from animals and young children, for example, can be extremely healing and stabilising to your energy immune system.

Sucking in energies from nature is also a very powerful boost for your energy system and will help you control your emotions and feelings much more easily.

Things that are rich in energy, resonant and powerful, and including music, works of art, movies, beautiful objects can also nourish your energy system.

4 – Practice Practical Control For Your Emotions & Feelings

The next time you have an emotion or a feeling you want to control, sit down, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Where do I feel this emotion in my body?”

Pay attention and don’t give up too easily. Even if it feels at first that the emotion is “everywhere” you can ask yourself, “Ok so it’s everwhere – but where is it worst of all? Where is the center?”

Now – and this is really important! – put your hands on that place where you feel the emotions the most.

Breathe deeply and massage that place where you feel the emotion the most.

Say to yourself, say in your mind: “This is only an energy. Soften and Flow!”

Keep breathing and soon you will notice that the feeling begins to “lift”, that it changes, and often that it does indeed, FLOW away – down your arms, out of your legs, down your throat as the energy “knot” that is causing the bad emotion/feeling is beginning to soften up, and proper energy flow is restored.

PRACTICE THIS LOTS OF TIMES so that when serious emotions come your way, or you are in a place where you can’t sit down and do the whole process with your hands, you can just think, “Soften and Flow!” and you can feel the energy starting to dissipate, and with it, your bad emotions and negative feelings.

5 – Learn To Be MORE Emotional

This ties back to No. 1, not being afraid of your emotions.

Because people are so afraid of losing control of their emotions and feelings (because they didn’t know what they were!) people clamp down on emotions and try not to have them.

To get really good at handling emotions, you have to HAVE lots of different emotions, understand them, learn them, be fully comfortable with them.

Like, you could never become a great lion tamer if you never saw a lion, met one, or got one or more to practice on.

Learn to relax that “clamping down” on your emotions and laugh loudly sometimes, shout abuse sometimes, allow yourself to get angry, sad, really happy like a little kid, clapping your hands and jumping up and down.

You can do this locked in your bathroom for privacy if you’re scared of what other people might think; or find places where such behaviour is allowed and encouraged, like in a pub when there is a football match going on; at a funeral, or in a comedy club.

Emotions must FLOW. Then they’re healthy, and often, a really heavy emotion can simply flash through in a split second, leaving you clear and clean and feeling fine.

That takes practice though.

So here are the top tips for controlling your emotions and feelings once more in brief.

  • Don’t be afraid of your emotions, they’re only ongoings in the energy system. “It’s only an energy!”
  • Pay attention to your emotions and your body feelings so you get to know how your emotions work.
  • Build up your energy immune system so you are stronger and less likely to fall apart emotionally.
  • Practice flowing away your emotions and feelings at least once every day. Practice makes perfect!
  • Stop clamping down on your emotions and learn to let them flow fast, through and out again.

And in moments of emotional crisis, remember this:

No matter how it feels, emotions and feelings are really and truthfully


… and that means you can learn to consciously control the flow of that energy, and thereby learn to control your emotions and feelings.

Dr Silvia Hartmann
Creator, EmoTrance
March 2010


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