Walking down a dark alley.  Seeing shadows all around you.  Wondering what danger is there.  Nervous. Anxious.  Fearful.  Insecure about being able to protect yourself.

Although that is a particular scenario, it covers what most of the humans on the planet are feeling right now; Uncertainty about the future.  Wondering who is going to die next.  Wondering if you are going to die.  Feeling death in your body.  Feeling death in your consciousness.  Feeling death in your emotions.

The media doesn’t help to alleviate those fears.  As a matter of fact, they propagate them with hypothesis, prophecies, conspiracy theories and possible outcomes.  The government doesn’t help with all of their secrecy.

Why am I building up this image of fear, darkness, death and dying?

To bring up the energy of it for you so that you can walk through it my relatives.   To bring it up before it consumes you and destroys you.

Most, if not all, of you reading this post are spiritually awakened and conscious of all that is going on around you.  Most of you already have tools that you use and are comfortable with.  Most of you are open to new tools and feel like I do in the way of “anything that helps is appreciated”.

We are all being put in each other’s circles for a reason.  Some would even say that we have all agreed to be on this planet at this time to experience this shift in consciousness.  Some of you even know and believe that you recently moved into this dimension from other places to inhabit a shell that the previous owner agreed to give you because they didn’t want to be here at this time.  Many of you know what I mean by that – some don’t.

Although my sources tell me that the world is not going to end… there is no end to anything, just transformation.  And, although they tell me further that many will die in upcoming earth shifts, I know that many have already died in earth shifts that have been occurring over the last 10 years.  We are born, we transform and we are born again or we walk-in.

Our existence never ends, it only transforms.   We are infinite beings.   So, why do we fear death so much?  Is it about leaving those that we love and have connections to?  That doesn’t change either, really.  Is it fear of the illusion of a place called hell that has been programmed into us?   Do you really believe that?  Do you really believe that a loving God that does so much to nurture and protect us would condemn us to a place called hell?  Do you really believe that an infinite being would choose that for themselves?

I know I am rambling, as I often do, because there is so much going through my consciousness that my typing fingers can’t keep up with it.



How do I love thee – let me count the ways…..

Wow, true love.  Enduring love.  Love that happens without judgment.  The forever love.

How often does that happen?  It can happen!  I know people!  Really.  Just the other day… oh, wait they are divorced now.  Okay, so it happens occasionally.  I have that kind of love.  Even though we parted after 5 years and came back together 26 years later and after 8 years we haven’t killed each other, yet.  That’s an accomplishment, right?  Just kidding.  I am blessed to have found, after 26 years of kissing many frogs, to have been reunited with my king.  Most days he treats me like a queen.  Some days I am the servant girl.  It all works out.

What about when it didn’t happen? How many times have you had your heart broken because you extended it out in all good faith, loaned it or completely gave it way, only to have the person stomp on it, treat it like a piece of garbage or completely dismiss it?

How If you are 9, the chances are slim unless you are from an abusive home.

But, if you are 50, the chances are really high beginning with your first “true love” in elementary school, to the first crush, the first kiss, the prom, the guy at work, the person you met at the bus station, the married man who didn’t tell you he was married, etc… the list goes on and on.  Wow – that was depressing!  Quickly moving on…

Now, have many times have you been in relationship then saw something prettier, shinier, richer, more interesting – and the guy was on the losing end of the deal?

Okay, so the women’s side of the list was longer and more dramatic.  So, sue me – I’m a woman and it really is all about us, right?  We are, after all the weaker sex, right?  So fragile, to be protected and guided by the elbow in the right direction because we can’t find it on our own.

Sorry, I got dramatic again.  And, I admit that I tend to ramble.

I’ll try to keep it to a minimum and let you get through this article without any damage.

Okay my loves.  This is the jest of it; No one can hurt you.  Really.  Think about it.  We are infinite beings with infinite consciousness, infinite strength, and infinite possibilities.

How many women have you known that have raised their children without a husband?  How many women have you known that have battled cancer, addictions, mental health and it only makes them stronger?  We are very resilient creatures.

God created us with a purpose.  The purpose was to be conscious.  Are you conscious?   Are you at the whim of other people’s reactions, judgments, intentions?  Or are you of strong conviction to yourself?

“This above all: to thine own self be true”.  Okay, so the rest of the script wasn’t that interesting, but those 9 words are very prophetic, aren’t they?

Gather yourself up.  Take stock on who you are, where you have been, where you are going.   Don’t just be satisfied with existing everyday.

Get up in the morning; greet your relatives that live with you. Look in the mirror and greet the most beautiful, beloved being of light that you have ever been blessed to see.  Go outside and greet your relatives that live outside your home during the day – in your gardens, in your neighborhood.  Greet the sun and thank him for all that he does to heal you and assist you in seeing those things that are in plain sight but that you dismiss or ignore.  At night, go outside and greet the moon and thank her for providing light at night so that you can see through the darkness and see those things that others might try to hide from you.  Greet those relatives who live outside your home that only come out at night.

Unconditional love – you are the only being on the planet or in the universe that can love you unconditionally… well, except Creator and the mother.  But, you know what I mean.

Celebrate yourself.  Walk tall, proud and with confidence that you are an infinite being of light created to shine!  They should be busy loving and honoring themselves.  And, it’s a special blessing when you can come together with another infinite being and share that light.  Everyone else is just here for your company and entertainment.  Love them as you would love yourself; hopefully, without judgment and without conditions.  Another important quote “First, do no harm”….

Have you ever been in a situation where someone stopped talking to you because you said something that they didn't agree with?  Then they told the story over and over to anyone who would listen?  Then they would "slam" you ever chance they got?  And, no matter what you did, what you said they just threw as many hateful thoughts at you as they possibly could?  It's exhausting to think about it.  What's worse is what you know their holding to the anger is doing to their body.
Should you care?  Really?  What can you do about it?  Nothing really.
If the anger is driving them in some way, there is nothing you can do to minimize it.  You do have to wonder what drives a person to hold onto such a destructive force?
Do they hate themselves more than they hate you?  Do they want to punish themselves so much that they hired you to make them so mad that they had an excuse for hurting themselves.  Because, really... how much is it hurting you, or are you standing back watching this thinking to yourself, "What an idiot. I've forgiven them for much worse."
You wouldn't believe, or maybe you will, how many people I treat or coach every day that the root problem is anger, grief, resentment or fear.   Those are all silent killers.  Of course, we don't think about that when we are in the middle of the vibration.  Most people can't see past the energy of anger.   And, they wonder why they are sick or can't move forward in their lives.
One word "Forgiveness" is the key to a healthy, happy life.
You don't have to forget who or what you feel hurt you.  Forgiveness may save your life, though.
Did you know that holding onto anger, resentment and blame has the possibility of creating so many health issues such as stomach problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, heart attacks/problems, even cancer?   There are studies on it!  Really.
Did you know that just the action of "being pissed off" creates havoc with your kidneys?
And, did you know that telling the same old tired stories of how someone screwed up your life or screwed over you just keeps that sick energy going?  What's the purpose of it?
Let it go, please.  Just realize that no one is responsible for you, for your life, for taking care of you or cleaning up after you - but YOU.  The only person who can screw up your life is YOU.  And, in the same light - the only person who can change your life for the better is YOU...  It really is all about you and what YOU do with YOUR life.
There are many ways of freeing yourself from that anger that don't even include speaking to the person.
Here are a few:
  1. Imagine them standing or sitting in front of you.  Tell them what they have done that you feel was hurtful.  Get it all out... rage at them if you have to.  Let it all go.
  2. Write the person a letter.  You never have to mail it even.  You can burn or bury it with the symbolism of letting it go.
  3. Draw or paint your impression of the situation, with full color. Again, you can bury it or burn it but please don't hang on to it - no matter how cool you think it turned out.
  4. Get in your car, get on the freeway (not during rush hour) and scream it out.  No one can hear you in the car on a freeway.....  and you can say all the ugly things you might not ever say in person.  Rage, scream, cry until you have said all that is to be said on the subject.
  5. Last but not leastly... and my favorite, of course is to use emotional tranceformation:  Think about the person, where do you feel them in your body, soften and flow until the energy finds it's appropriate exit from your body.  Bring them back up again.  Where's the energy now, soften and flow, etc.  Bring them up one last time, where's the energy now and is it less or does it come in and flow right back out.  Then imagine the situation that has caused you so much anger... where do you feel that in your body, soften and flow, etc, doing that atleast three times as well or until the energy comes in and flows back out quickly.   If that doesn't work - email me at
    See how powerful you are?  What will you do with all that power - good or bad?

Someone asked me recently about how one can afford to go to all these seminars, workshops, retreats, webinars, etc.   That’s an excellent question that has me processing the same thing every time I get notices in the mail.

One could easily spend their paycheck every week attending the many options for learning, growing and healing.  And, if I could I probably would but then there is the consideration of food, gas, rent and necessities.   What do I spend my money on?  What is most important to me?

There are those that say “I don’t have any money – I am broke – I can’t afford to come to your workshop” then they will go to the beauty shop get a cut and color or have a manicure or massage.   Or they take a vacation for a week.  Or perhaps they go shopping and spend $300 on clothes.  Or they will go out and eat several times that week or to a movie.   Or perhaps they will get Starbucks every day.   Or perhaps they will go to the bookstore or music store and spend an easy $75.

I am not saying any of those things are not important.  The truth is – it’s your money and you have the right to spend in on anything you want to.  That’s the key, isn’t it?  “On anything you want to”  So, when people tell me that they can’t afford something are they really saying “this isn’t what I want to spend my money on right now”?

If you add up everything that you spent during the week on things that were outside of survival, how much would it be?  I know that I have spent $300 easy on things that weren’t really necessary and some of them I never used.

There are those that will say “I know that I want to do this for myself so I will make some adjustments in my spending this week”.  And, perhaps they will bring their lunch every day and wait till the next check for the cut, massage, manicure, etc.

I will tell you this – I am the same procrastinator as many.  What I have noticed about myself, though, is that if the workshop (or whatever) is important enough to me I always manage to manifest the extra money even if it means not doing something else that I wanted to do.

I have probably spent $5,000 in just the last year on alternative healing seminars, conferences, workshops, books, dvd’s and audios.  I could have chosen to spend that elsewhere, but it was important to my healing and growth and so I gladly spent the money.    It’s not that I had an extra $5,000.  It is that I found a way to manifest it whether it was working extra jobs or cutting out something else.   There were times that I searched my bookshelves and found books that I no longer cared about and listed them on Amazon to earn some extra cash.   Or I manifested some extra clients to earn money.

This is the way I look at it.  Is it something that calls to me?  Is it something that will enhance my life?  Does the facilitator offering this information know their business?  Would I be getting my money’s worth?  After all, if I have spent that amount of money and time growing my skill as an alternative healer and teacher and I offer that information to others, should they not be willing to pay for that quality of service and information just as I did?  And, if you are resentful of paying them the fee they ask for, how receptive are you going to be to what they offer?  Will you be so closed up that you don’t receive any healing or information and come away saying “well, that was a waste of money!”?

Which brings up another thought:   If you pay the ridiculous rate of $1,500 for a class that would offer your certification to treat and/or teach others , would you be getting your money’s worth?    Let’s do the math, you pay $1,500 for the course, then you turn around and charge $1,500 for the same course with 10 participants 1 time.   What about the rest of the year, the rest of your life?  How much profit do you think you might have made on your investment?  Was it worth it?

And, what about healing?   What about those who complain about a therapist prices?  What is the difference in someone who charges $40 and someone who charges $750?   Sometimes it is quality of education, experience and range of services.  Sometimes it is about an elevated ego and there is no difference.  Sometimes it is about a deflated ego and in that case even if the person has extended education and experience you would not get the same quality of service because they don’t feel that they are “worth it”.

Am I talking in circles?  Most likely.   There is no clear cut answer to these questions.  It’s all about vibrations.   Who do you resonate with?  What course, class, seminar, etc, do you resonate with?  What or who do you feel comfortable spending money with?    Because if you don’t pay the fees with a clear understanding then you will not be receptive of what is offered.  Whose fault is that?

Everywhere that we are looking for the “answers”.  Everywhere that we are looking for a “change in our environment”.  Everywhere that we are looking for someone to “fix” us.

What if we are the answer?  What if we are the change? What if we don’t really need fixing?

Considerations.  Questions.  Ponderings (is that a word????)

I have been playing with the questions.  The more I ask, the more opens.  The more that opens, the more I ask.  It’s been fantastic!

And, the questions have led to me really looking at myself.  Looking at what I created in this lifetime.  Looking at the choices that I made to get myself here.  And, realizing that it was me that got me here… not anyone else.  There is no one to “blame” or to give credit for where I am right now this second, except me.  It truly is all about me.

Have you considered looking at the you that is really you?  Is there something that you would like to change about yourself?  Ask the question – how can I change this?  How can I accept this?   Should I accept this?  What would it take?

Some of you might recognize the pattern here.  Yes, I have been led to Access Consciousness and the infinite questioning.  I am loving it.  As in all things, you take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  And, so there are some things about the process that I don’t agree with.  That is my choice, right?  And, it is their choice to voice their truths.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just recognize that we all have our own truths and stop trying to control, monitor or judge what other people’s truths are?  Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on ourselves and finding out what our own truths are?

That’s my journey.  I am on a journey to discover “me”.   Have you been following much of what everyone else’s truths are because you thought that their truth was so much more interesting than your own?

There is nothing judgable about listening to other people’s truths.  In that sometimes we recognize our own.  Atleast in the way that you might listen to someone and find yourself saying “wow, I never considered that”… or “wow, that’s just wrong”…. it all gets you to the same place of recognizing your own truth even if you get to it by listening to someone else.   The important thing is to know the difference.  Ask the question “does that belong to me?”  Thank you Gary Douglas for sharing that bit of wisdom…and 5 simple but important words.

Hello everyone.  I’ve missed you!  You must be really busy.  Busy is great.  Movement is great.  Flowing is greater.

So, I was thinking this morning about flow.  There are a trillion healing modalities out there and a handful of them are considered “self-help”.

How many of you would rather someone else fix you then do the work yourself?

Let me ask you a simple question……  who knows you better, someone else or you?  Ooopppsss.  That depends, right?  It depends on whether or not you have given your “power” over to other people.  It depends on whether or not you have disconnected from your body.

How many times have you said you are just “numb” or you’re too tired to “feel”.  And, how many times have you gone to a medical doctor, alternative healer or energy worker and said “just fix it” because you thought it was easier than doing the work yourself.

Really, to do the work yourself you would have to actually look at the problem – and O.M.G. you might have to actually connect to your body and feel what it is feeling!  Okay, so it might be more appealing under those circumstances to go to someone else and give your life over to them and tell them to fix you.  Only, no one else can fix you my love.

You’re it.  They can aleviate some of your “symptoms”.  They can ease your mind.  They can give you nurturing and comfort which make you feel better about yourself for a while.  But, they can’t “fix” you and so whatever the issue was will return at some point because it has never gone away it’s only been numbed.  At some point it will creep/seep back up to the surface of your consciousness.

Someone commented to me recently that “if you ever have cancer it will always come back”.   That brought up a lot of anger for me mostly because not only have I had a bought with cancer, but I have  loved ones who are in “remission”.   In some ways what they said was absolutely true.  In some ways it was a lie.

It is a common belief that all disease originated from an emotion, a belief, a programming or a judgement, thus the change from disease to dis-ease.  So, if that is true; then if you have not dealt with the origin of the dis-ease, then it is still there.  How do you feel about that?   I, personally, believe that when you deal with the emotional origin you have dealt with the dis-ease.

There are books that talk about the origin of dis-ease and illness and how they are connected to an emotion.   Louise Hay wrote a book called “You Can Heal Your Life”.  Cancer would indicate that something was eating away at you.  Often cancer is associated with anger, but it can also stem from grief, as in the loss of a loved one.  The location of the cancer is a good clue.  Pancreatic cancer might indicate grief, while liver cancer might point to anger.  However, pancreatic cancer could also indicate anger associated with sadness, as in the case where a best friend ran off with a spouse.   I personally know someone who had stomach cancer and had dealt with years and years of repressed anger regarding a cheating spouse.  You could say she was “eaten up with anger and resentment”.

You could try eft – there are a bizillion youtubes giving instructions.  And, Emotional Tranceformation (EmoTrance) is marvelous really.  Whenever you feel the emotions welling up, focus in on where you feel that in your body… then say to yourself (silent or outloud) “soften and flow” not putting any emphasis on any of it… just say the words and see what happens.

You will probably notice that the energy/feeling has moved to another part of your body.  Focus there and say again “soften and flow” and just keep doing that until you feel it leave your body.  You can take it further or you can just enjoy the relief.

If you want to take it further, try to bring back up the emotion, find it in your body again and go through the soften and flow protocol.

You will probably find that the emotional charge is less or maybe you noticed it in a different part of your body this time and it didn’t go through as many places before it left.  If when you say “soften and flow” and it doesn’t move – try saying “soften and flow, where does the energy want to go.  Go there now” and see what happens.  It sounds crazy, but the method is very effective.

If you don’t “feel” anything at all when you think of the situation or issue, then think of where you might feel it in your body if you could such as if you are angry at someone you might get a headache, so the energy would be felt in your head.  Or if someone said something that was really hurtful to you, you might feel as though you’ve been kicked in the stomach.  That is where the energy is felt, in the stomach.

So, play with that and let me know if it brings you any relief.   When you feel that anxiety attack welling up just stop and stay “soften and flow”…. see what happens.

If you need some coaching or advice on using EmoTrance, please contact me.   If you would like, there is a free e-book that I can share with you.  Let me know.   It was a real eyeopener for me and what caused me to become a trainer of this healing modality called EmoTrance.

Merriam-Webster describes it as: “4a: a characteristic emanation, aura, or spirit that infuses or vitalizes someone or something and that can be instinctively sensed or experienced.

Consider the concept that everything is energy and all energy is in a state of constant vibration.

energy = vibration

Even the seemingly solid items in your home, such as tables and chairs, vibrate. They vibrate at such a low frequency they appear as solid objects to the human eye, still they do have a vibration.

Each and every thought is energy and has its own vibrational frequency. We are effectively transmitting vibrational signals into the universe constantly and consistently.

We are all born with a core vibration, a set point of sorts.  As we experience the world around us, our core vibration changes; expanding, contracting, expanding, contracting, etc.

Your vibration is so important because it is what you are emanating to the Universe (the Unifying Field) right now. Your current vibration is a culmination of all that you are desiring, feeling, thinking, and believing in this moment.

Are you aware that your vibrational level influences every second of your life including all of your life experiences? For instance, if you were focusing on the negative side of your current state of being, what do you think your vibration is attracting to yourself?  And, if you were to change your focus to a more positive outlook, what do you think your vibration will attract now?

I believe that we can learn to consciously affect our own vibratory patterns and align with these energies for health, vibrancy, manifestation and transformation.

Take a quick moment to feel your current vibration.  Tune into your dominant mood. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your vibration right now? 

If you can agree that that everything is energy, then you can understand that the density of an object controls how fast the energy can physically vibrate.  So, it makes sense that everything vibrates within certain ranges of frequency in order for our senses to perceive it.

Our energy, physical and emotional bodies respond to all of the influence around us (i.e. energy/vibrations) seen and unseen.  Our response is directly related to how our bodies perceive that vibration.  Since vibrations as energy are not normally seen by the eye, we “feel” them and interpret that way.

Let’s look at what lowers your vibration:

  • Gossiping
  • Negativity
  • Illness
  • Pollution
  • Alcohol/drugs
  • prescription medication
  • damaged energy body 

2a. Look around you right now, in this room.  Look at the lights, the ceiling, and the people in the room.  Notice the smells in the room.  Notice the temperature of the room.  Notice the energetic template of the room. Notice how your body responds to this call for attention to those things, how your body responds to each thing that I asked you to focus on.  Notice how your body responded to the vibrations as you took that in through your senses of sight, smell and feeling.   How is your perception of this room and everything in it affecting the frequency of your vibration?  I hope that you remembered to use EmoTrance to resolve and resistance, shields or blocks to those responses.   

2b. Close your eyes and imagine now that you hear a bird outside singing. Your brain is interpreting the vibrations caused by the sound waves emitted by the bird.  And, imagine now that you see a beautiful rainbow.  Your eyes are conveying to your brain the reflection of the light waves which are created by vibrations.  When you hold a glass of ice water you feel it cold because its molecules are vibrating at a lower frequency than those of your body temperature.  Imagine a bright yellow, juicy lemon in front of you.  Your mouth will begin to water in response because of the vibration of that lemon. And lastly, imagine that there is a big bully standing in front of you holding a big knife and that they make a stabbing gesture at you with it?   Again, I hope that you remembered to use EmoTrance to resolve and resistance, shields or blocks to those responses.   It doesn’t have to be the up-close/in-person-physical- manifestation of a thing – it is the vibration of it that we are responding to. 

You can see how interpretations of our brain create feelings and emotions which are also vibrations.

Normally, whether a stimulation of physical or non-physical is enjoyable or not determines whether it lowers or raises your vibration.  I said normally for a reason.  Now that we have a tool for resolving energetic blocks and imbalances, we are no longer at the mercy of our feelings and emotions.

You can see that raising your vibration can be as easy as noticing your reaction to things that you perceive and using EmoTrance to make sure that the energetic flow is a positive one.  As you raise your energetic vibration you raise your ability to attract/manifest.

That’s the simplicity of all of this.  As with anything there is always the next level.  Do you want to take this to the next level?

The Energy Body

The energy body is like a mirror of the physical body, but it is made up of etheric matter.  If you were outside at night and you looked at a light post, headlight of a car or even at the moon, you would most likely see a haze or halo around it.  That is the energy body.

When the physical body is not vibrating at the same level as the energy body the “flow” is distorted.  When the flow is distorted the manifestation is blocked. What results is a feeling of being in “limbo”, that place of seeming nothingness.