I have noticed a tendency for people to panic when they experience a sudden shift in their perception.   You know what I mean; confusion, depression, anxiety.  All of which are not the norm for you and so you get caught up in the “WTH” consciousness, sometimes.  

Yesterday I posted on facebook that going back to bed might be an option for me which elicited many responses of sympathy and well wished.  All received with love and gratefulness although my message was misunderstood.  I didn’t post that because I was sick or feeling down.  It was because things were just “off” enough for me to notice that there was a shift and because I was not acknowledging it, I was attracting chaos and confusion.  

Most of my relatives here are in a constant state of beingness and growth.  When you expand from your normal state of consciousness it brings up programs and belief systems  that no longer serve you to be released. 

Those that feel they are “highly evolved” and have done so much work that you should never experience “a bad day”; guess what.   We live our lives in a community of other human beings, in a conscious world of electro magnetic fields (EMF) and subliminal programming all over the place.  

And, mostly, you have to realize that you are an ever-expanding spiritual being.  In that, you are constantly reviewing, renewing, regenerating and sometimes that expresses itself in negative emotional experiences.   You should know that this is just a momentary shift in your consciousness.   It helps to acknowledge that it is occurring and then just let it go.  Using tools such as EmoTrance, EFT, Belief Repatterning, Sacred Activations, Access Consciousness, Reiki and such helps to shift the energy faster.  

All that to say “don’t panic – it’s temporary”.  Use your tols.  Ask for help. ❤



First, I want to say a word of gratefulness to our Hawiian relatives for reminding us that  everything outside of us exists as a projection from inside.  “I Am Responsible for My Experience”.  Dr. Lin proved this theory in his work with prisoners

In these times of deInception, disEase, and disEnchantment staying in balance is not easy.   So much that appears to be outside of ourselves is attempting to knock us off balance.  Most of us were feeling the happiness vibe of spring, renewal and healing just as the Boston tragedy occured.  Now, what I see in postes is anger, disbelief, distrust and sadness.

Now is the time to be in balance for so many reasons – too many to name – and all of which you already know.  It is when you are out of balance that the darkness filters in. Stay in balance.  Meditate, raise your vibration, love, love and love…

Taking full responsibility for whatever I perceive as a ‘problem’ makes it possible for me to resolve it. It’s much easier to make changes inside of myself than try to change another. If it’s someone else’s responsibility, then I have to wait for them to change their ways or do something to somehow deal with it and I could be waiting a long time!   Or I can understand how I am responsible for all that I experience…, and that I’ve ‘hired’ this person to play their part the way they have and that I am able to do something about it. However as with any forgiveness practice, a healing of what has been hurt in me is necessary before I can truly and congruently forgive the perpetrator. Otherwise the hurt part can easily be overlooked and remain unconsciously hurting, making my ‘forgiveness’ incongruent, and therefore ineffective.

Once I have healed what was hurt in me (the second movement in The Three Movements of Healing), Ho’oponopono can make the rest quite easy. Would you consider taking the time to focus on those that have suffered and those that caused it?   If you can’t do that, then consider visualizing the person you want to forgive (or just connect with in a more positive way).  You then say four statements to them in your mind’s voice, “I am sorry.” “Please forgive me.” “Thank you.” And, “I love you.”

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Imagine woman

Imagine a woman who believes it is right and good she is a woman.
A woman who honors her experience and tells her stories.
Who refuses to carry the sins of others within her body and life. …
Imagine a woman who trusts and respects herself.
A woman who listens to her needs and desires.
Who meets them with tenderness and grace.
Imagine a woman who acknowledges the past’s influence on the present.
A woman who has walked through her past.
Who has healed into the present.
Imagine a woman who authors her own life.
A woman who exerts, initiates, and moves on her own behalf.
Who refuses to surrender except to her truest self and wisest voice.
Imagine a woman who names her own gods.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
Who designs a personal spirituality to inform her daily life.
Imagine a woman in love with her own body.
A woman who believes her body is enough, just as it is.
Who celebrates its rhythms and cycles as an exquisite resource.
Imagine a woman who honors the body of the Goddess in her changing body.
A woman who celebrates the accumulation of her years and her wisdom.
Who refuses to use her life-energy disguising the changes in her body and life.
Imagine a woman who values the women in her life.
A woman who sits in circles of women.
Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.
Imagine yourself as this woman.
~Patricia Lynn Reilly
Photo © Joey Lawrence


What is the EmoTional TranceFormation Method? 

ETM, formerly called EmoTrance, was developed by Dr. Silvia Hartmann in England. As it is entirely and strictly focused on the movement of energy in, through and out the energy body, it is “content free” in the best sense of the word and can be applied to just about anything that can be thought of, worry or feel pain about – this includes: 

  • ¨ Any relationship issues or challenges
  • ¨ Remove anxiety and panic attacks
  • ¨ Grief/bereavement
  • ¨ Resolve/repair emotional trauma
  • ¨ School or career challenges
  • ¨ Goal setting/planning
  • ¨ Self identity
  • ¨ Renew confidence
  • ¨ Sports performance
  • ¨ and so much more besides. 

What will this one day workshop do for me? 

During this one day personal experience workshop you will be given the history and simple protocol for ETM and with it you will be taken through several exercises to clear key issues in your life that keep you from healing, moving forward and making clear choices. 

There is more to the ETM system, much more, including the option for training and certification as a practitioner and/or trainer.  This workshop; however, is an introduction to the system of ETM.  

Join us, see how this method can help you in your everyday life.  Anything is possible with ETM

Workshop Details:

Date:       March 30, 2013

Time:      noon—7 pm

Venue:    Dynamic Yoga 4 Love Studio, 558 Blue Bird Ln., Red Oak, TX

Cost:       $125

Registration is required: Its-About-Energy.Com






Just speaking of a small part of you now.  The part of you that is in the 3D physical shell that you inhabit.  The part of you that came to this planet how every many years, months, days, minutes and seconds ago through the portal of your mother’s cervix.  Let’s call it “George”.  

When George began the journey from a single cell to a body of bazillions of cells, he found himself floating in a sea of fluids.  As he floated there inside his mother’s womb, listening to the sounds all around him, listening to the heartbeat of his mother.  Listening to her thoughts – which included her fears, her pain, her happiness that were not only related to George, but to everything around her.  And, as a kinesthetic being George’s tiny body, however many cells he had at the time, was also reacting and connecting to the mother’s body sensations in response to her world. 

George learned how to breathe, how to sense and interpret and how to react to everything around him… because until the womb released him, he and she were of the same organism.  

Then the big push came and George emerged from her body into the outside world and began that experience.  The experience of a human being.  From the very beginning George learned that he was at the mercy of his surroundings.  No longer was he incased in warm fluids floating and observing.  Now, he was immersed in a world where he was dependent on others to feed him, to provide warmth, to dress him, to nurture him and most importantly – to protect him.  

If George was very lucky, he was honored, loved, coddled, protected and adored.  If he was not, then….  Well, in that case, there is so much to say that I am not sure there is room here today.  

Let’s talk about the George that was loved, coddled, protected and adored.  That is so much more pleasant.     

Let’s assume that George had caregivers, whether blood parents or chosen parents, that loved and adored him. He was listened to and everything that he did was considered “cute”, “adorable” or “so smart!”.  George’s parents provided clothes that fit and were accepted by his peers.  And, when those no longer fit they chose new ones for him.  George’s parents provided him with a kaleidoscope of experiences from the circus, zoo, lakes, art, movies to outings with the extended family.  They encouraged him when he was unsure and when he had done something good..  

These parents did everything right.  Right?  So, how the heck did George turn out to be someone who can’t hold a job down or have a decent, lasting relationship?       

It’s easy.   Programming.  Family and community programming is so subtle, so easy that it’s often totally overlooked.  

Say this child of the perfect family overhears a conversation one night between the parents that goes something like this “Father:  My company is closing in 3 days.  What are we doing to do?  We will never be able to pay the mortgage on day jobs.  You are going to have to find work outside of the home now.  I can’t do this by myself any longer. You are going to have to give up your weekly hair salon appointments and counselor sessions.  George is going to have to go to a public school.  We’re ruined!  Our whole lives are going to change now because of the economy!  We are doomed!” 

I am not going to recount what the mother might have said in reply.   And, it doesn’t matter that the company didn’t close and that their lives really never changed.  What matters is in that second or overhearing that conversation, George learned several important things (programs).  

He learned that no one is safe.  He learned that going to a public school was a bad thing.  He learned that his mother was going to have to make sacrifices and carry her weight in the family (as if she didn’t before – but he is being led to believe that she didn’t).  And, but not least, he learned that the economy decides your fate and your ultimate doom.  

As George grows up he has standards of choice.  His first standard is that he must always have money in case something bad happens.  His second standard is that his isn’t going to be the kind of woman that is pampered. She’s going to have to work just as he does.  His third standard is a “no frills” rule.  Should I go on?  

Okay, we’ll change directions for a minute.  Imagine George sitting in a lobby waiting for a friend.  There is a weekend guide there on the table.  As George flips through the guide he begins to see a trend.  It seems that during the month there are numerous “self-help” workshops being offered.  What do they all have in common?  They all promise to erase negative programming and make you more self-confident. George scoffs at the ads as he mumbles to himself “why would I need that.  I come from money.  I don’t have any problems.  My life is fantastic.”   Guess again George.  

Walking down a dark alley.  Seeing shadows all around you.  Wondering what danger is there.  Nervous. Anxious.  Fearful.  Insecure about being able to protect yourself.

Although that is a particular scenario, it covers what most of the humans on the planet are feeling right now; Uncertainty about the future.  Wondering who is going to die next.  Wondering if you are going to die.  Feeling death in your body.  Feeling death in your consciousness.  Feeling death in your emotions.

The media doesn’t help to alleviate those fears.  As a matter of fact, they propagate them with hypothesis, prophecies, conspiracy theories and possible outcomes.  The government doesn’t help with all of their secrecy.

Why am I building up this image of fear, darkness, death and dying?

To bring up the energy of it for you so that you can walk through it my relatives.   To bring it up before it consumes you and destroys you.

Most, if not all, of you reading this post are spiritually awakened and conscious of all that is going on around you.  Most of you already have tools that you use and are comfortable with.  Most of you are open to new tools and feel like I do in the way of “anything that helps is appreciated”.

We are all being put in each other’s circles for a reason.  Some would even say that we have all agreed to be on this planet at this time to experience this shift in consciousness.  Some of you even know and believe that you recently moved into this dimension from other places to inhabit a shell that the previous owner agreed to give you because they didn’t want to be here at this time.  Many of you know what I mean by that – some don’t.

Although my sources tell me that the world is not going to end… there is no end to anything, just transformation.  And, although they tell me further that many will die in upcoming earth shifts, I know that many have already died in earth shifts that have been occurring over the last 10 years.  We are born, we transform and we are born again or we walk-in.

Our existence never ends, it only transforms.   We are infinite beings.   So, why do we fear death so much?  Is it about leaving those that we love and have connections to?  That doesn’t change either, really.  Is it fear of the illusion of a place called hell that has been programmed into us?   Do you really believe that?  Do you really believe that a loving God that does so much to nurture and protect us would condemn us to a place called hell?  Do you really believe that an infinite being would choose that for themselves?

I know I am rambling, as I often do, because there is so much going through my consciousness that my typing fingers can’t keep up with it.


How do I love thee – let me count the ways…..

Wow, true love.  Enduring love.  Love that happens without judgment.  The forever love.

How often does that happen?  It can happen!  I know people!  Really.  Just the other day… oh, wait they are divorced now.  Okay, so it happens occasionally.  I have that kind of love.  Even though we parted after 5 years and came back together 26 years later and after 8 years we haven’t killed each other, yet.  That’s an accomplishment, right?  Just kidding.  I am blessed to have found, after 26 years of kissing many frogs, to have been reunited with my king.  Most days he treats me like a queen.  Some days I am the servant girl.  It all works out.

What about when it didn’t happen? How many times have you had your heart broken because you extended it out in all good faith, loaned it or completely gave it way, only to have the person stomp on it, treat it like a piece of garbage or completely dismiss it?

How If you are 9, the chances are slim unless you are from an abusive home.

But, if you are 50, the chances are really high beginning with your first “true love” in elementary school, to the first crush, the first kiss, the prom, the guy at work, the person you met at the bus station, the married man who didn’t tell you he was married, etc… the list goes on and on.  Wow – that was depressing!  Quickly moving on…

Now, have many times have you been in relationship then saw something prettier, shinier, richer, more interesting – and the guy was on the losing end of the deal?

Okay, so the women’s side of the list was longer and more dramatic.  So, sue me – I’m a woman and it really is all about us, right?  We are, after all the weaker sex, right?  So fragile, to be protected and guided by the elbow in the right direction because we can’t find it on our own.

Sorry, I got dramatic again.  And, I admit that I tend to ramble.

I’ll try to keep it to a minimum and let you get through this article without any damage.

Okay my loves.  This is the jest of it; No one can hurt you.  Really.  Think about it.  We are infinite beings with infinite consciousness, infinite strength, and infinite possibilities.

How many women have you known that have raised their children without a husband?  How many women have you known that have battled cancer, addictions, mental health and it only makes them stronger?  We are very resilient creatures.

God created us with a purpose.  The purpose was to be conscious.  Are you conscious?   Are you at the whim of other people’s reactions, judgments, intentions?  Or are you of strong conviction to yourself?

“This above all: to thine own self be true”.  Okay, so the rest of the script wasn’t that interesting, but those 9 words are very prophetic, aren’t they?

Gather yourself up.  Take stock on who you are, where you have been, where you are going.   Don’t just be satisfied with existing everyday.

Get up in the morning; greet your relatives that live with you. Look in the mirror and greet the most beautiful, beloved being of light that you have ever been blessed to see.  Go outside and greet your relatives that live outside your home during the day – in your gardens, in your neighborhood.  Greet the sun and thank him for all that he does to heal you and assist you in seeing those things that are in plain sight but that you dismiss or ignore.  At night, go outside and greet the moon and thank her for providing light at night so that you can see through the darkness and see those things that others might try to hide from you.  Greet those relatives who live outside your home that only come out at night.

Unconditional love – you are the only being on the planet or in the universe that can love you unconditionally… well, except Creator and the mother.  But, you know what I mean.

Celebrate yourself.  Walk tall, proud and with confidence that you are an infinite being of light created to shine!  They should be busy loving and honoring themselves.  And, it’s a special blessing when you can come together with another infinite being and share that light.  Everyone else is just here for your company and entertainment.  Love them as you would love yourself; hopefully, without judgment and without conditions.  Another important quote “First, do no harm”….